iPleaders’ Workshops on Tech Agreements, Debt Finance and Negotiations [Jan 24, 30, 31, New Delhi]: Registrations Open

What separates the best lawyers from the crowd of lawyers that operate and work in India? Is it the law firm they work in, their pay packages or is it the media coverage? Honestly, it’s all and none of them. While these may or may not show the leaders amongst the herd, it is their own legal skills that determine where they stand, what positions they occupy, how much they make and what kind of cases they handle.

Keeping this in mind, iPleaders in association with LawSikho.com is organizing exclusive workshops to empower you with the skills you need regarding technology agreements, negotiation in dispute resolution and debt finance on the 24th, 30th and 31st of January, respectively.

You will receive a certificate for each workshop that you attend.

#1 Workshop on Technology Transfer Agreements – Drafting and Negotiation on 24th January

Date: 24th January 2018

Time: 6 – 9pm

Fees: INR 2000

Do you know about the exclusivity of technological products or territories that they specifically concern? Have you been approached by any upcoming entrepreneur who can bring you good revenue? Are you hesitating in taking him on as a client? Is it because you aren’t particularly sure about the application of technological agreements?

Or is it because of the various detailed clauses that they need to concern themselves with? If you are actually hesitant or falling short of the prerequisites required to accommodate your clients and make their technological transfers successful while keeping their interests safe, then this workshop might just be for you.

There is a substantial growth in the overall IT sector since inception and it does not look like it would deteriorate anytime soon. This creates a constant need for lawyers who have expertise in this area. Lawyers who have a good understanding of IP law, the due diligence required to oversee technological contracts, methodologies of such transfer and so on.

The workshop on technology transfer agreements-drafting and negotiation will be conducted by Bhumesh Verma, Founding and Managing Partner at Corp Comm Legal, author of numerous contract drafting textbooks and former Partner at Khaitan and Link Legal.

The workshop will cover:

  • Ownership of IP by transferor
  • Due diligence for Technology Transfers
  • Methods of transfer
  • Ownership of new rights and alternative methods of structuring and negotiation
  • Termination and how that works
  • Regulatory limitations on payment of royalty  
  • Technology transfer from India to offshore companies
  • In which country should Indian inventors house technological innovations?
  • How should you use this knowledge in interviews?

All participants who attend the workshop will receive:

  • Checklist for negotiating an agreement effectively
  • Template of a technological transfer agreement (can be customized as per requirement)

You can enrol for this workshop here.

#2 Lecture on Negotiation in Dispute Situations for Law Students and Lawyers on 30th January

Date: 30th January 2018

Time: 6 – 9pm

Fees: INR 1500

In this ever-growing corporate world that we live in today, disputes arise more frequently than before. Lawyers are very well versed in all requisite laws concerning contracts, but it is very important to develop skills complementary to these laws. Most important among them is the application of contractual law and developing an unbiased point of view.

Negotiation is one of the most important skills any lawyer can have. As the number of disputes have increased so have the means of resolving them. While most laymen think of disputes in terms of litigation, there is more to it. Negotiating on your client’s behalf to get them what they expect is the primary objective of any conflict resolution mechanism.

Furthermore, negotiation skills lie at the heart of conciliation and mediation. Hence, mastering negotiation skills can make a substantial difference in the career graphs of law students and lawyers. A lawyer equipped with these skills would be able to effectively represent his clients before a conciliator or a mediator.

The lecture on negotiation in dispute situations for law students and lawyers will be presented by Arjun Natarajan, litigator and certified mediator (IIAM and IICA, under the aegis of Ministry of Corporate Affairs- Government of India), retainer counsel for TRAI, founder and publishing editor of the Indian Mediation Law Blog (www.indianmediationlaw.wordpress.com)

People who attend this workshop will learn about dispute resolution in the Indian context. You need not have any prior training in contract drafting and/or negotiations. However, if you would like to know more about it, you can check out LawSikho’s course on contract drafting and negotiation. The subjects that will be covered are:

  • How to use negotiation as a process and mechanism to satisfy different needs and interests of parties
  • How to use negotiation to arrive at positions that really reflect a satisfaction of needs and interests of the parties
  • How should you prepare for a negotiation? (keeping in mind the Indian context)
  • Negotiation tips based on Arthashastra by Chanakya that are still relevant and used in the modern day
  • Legal and professional ethics in context of negotiation for lawyers, as per Indian law
  • Drafting settlement agreements and enforceability of settlement agreements.

You can enrol for this lecture here.

#3 Workshop on Debt Finance: Private Placement, Listing and Loan Agreements on 31st January

Date: 31st January 2018

Time: 6 – 9pm

Fees: INR 1700



One of my colleagues just told me how she found the very topic of debt finance extremely boring. Truth be told, it can really be boring. However, that does not take anything away from the fact that debt financing generates a substantial part of the total revenue of any law firm in the same way a good mentor can make any boring subject seem lively and fun.

Debt financing is such a broad area of practice that most law firms today actually sub-divide this category into acquisition finance, lease finance, loan finance, asset finance which also includes banking.

To know how companies raise this “debt” through different mechanisms is truly crucial as many businesses struggle with the procurement of funds and the agreements necessary to execute these processes. Thus, expertise in debt finance can be a rewarding source in terms of revenue and clients for lawyers.

The workshop on debt finance: private placement, listing and loan agreements will be chaired by Neha Mary Koshy, who has worked as Associate with Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Trilegal and HSB Partners.

People who attend this workshop will also receive sample templates for future references while getting crucial information regarding:

  • Loans vs. Debentures – How are they different?
  • How to decode a loan agreement and key clauses
  • Why and how should you raise ECBs?
  • How to understand and prepare a debt information memorandum as per SEBI regulations
  • Private placement compliance requirements under Companies Act
  • Due Diligence in debt financing transactions and material risks
  • Secured loans vs. unsecured loans – what is the difference?
  • What is the legal work involved in secured loans?
  • Options in the case of default

You can enrol for this workshop right here.

Important Note

iPleaders wants to ensure that every participant is provided in-depth guidance and personalised feedback. Therefore the number of seats to each workshop have been limited to 30.


All the workshops will be held at iPleaders office,

33A, Mehrauli Badarpur Road,
Saidulajab, (Around 100m walk from Saket Metro Station {Saidulajab Exit} from the main road), New Delhi-110030.

Landmarks near the venue: Next to Lingaya’s building/Near Red Onion Restaurant, Saket


If you have any questions or queries regarding either of the workshops, feel free to call us at 011-33138901 or write to [email protected]

Direct links for registration are available below:


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