iPleaders is Not Selling Magic Elixir: A Reply to Haters (and thanks to our early adopters)

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Lot of people find it difficult to accept it when we tell them what we are trying to do. See the comments of this article here, for example.

“Things are done in a certain way, you would not succeed in changing it,” they say.

“Who do you think you are?” – they ask us.

They try to find faults with us. You charge too much, you are just trying to make a profit, you are just a random bunch of people running after a crazy idea – they say. We thank them – they keep us on our toes, giving us reasons to improve every day. Naysayers are there in every walk of life – for us, our naysayers are motivation for us to deliver our very best. To all our naysayers –thank you.

On the other hand, we have our students – who reposed their faith in us. When we were starting things from scratch, they supported and invested in us. They believed us, and we are sincerely thankful to them – we could not pursue our vision without these early adopters. We call them up regularly to check if they are happy, if we can do more for them. Our entire team works passionately every single day, tirelessly, because we have a commitment to out students. And see the beautiful testimonials they left us over here.

However, there is one serious allegation that has been leveled against us by some anonymous commenter. He said that we are saying our course is a magic elixir.

Are you trying to sell a magic elixir? He asked.

Of course not – we are not selling a magic elixir – it does not have miraculous solutions for your problems. This is an educational course – those who take it up need to invest their time and effort to make something out of it. They need to study. They need to apply what they learn. How much benefit you ultimately get from it is up to you as well. This is no magic elixir – it is a business law course. You would not even pass the exams we set if you don’t work adequately.

What is our role then?

1 – We bring the knowledge of industry into the academia

We are working to get the industry knowledge into the academia. Pick up any text book of corporate law, or any other commercial law. Hold it and realise, it is outdated. It will not help you to acquire knowledge of the cutting edge law that is being practiced out there in the real world. Reading case after case alone does not make you a better lawyer. You need practical skills to be a good lawyer – you also need practical knowledge of law.

We speak to law firm associates, partners, entrepreneurs, government officers, regulatory bodies (like RBI or SEBI) and even judges, to understand what are the crucial practical skills and knowledge that one needs to stand out. They are busy people, they cannot really write about these things on their own – so we talk to them, and write down things meticulously. We make many versions of our material – until it is simplified and perfected through many levels of checks by many people. We have several young law firm associates who have taken the course and have been delighted by the quality of the material exactly for this reason.

What’s more – we are always trying to incorporate the latest developments in e-learning from across the world, so that our content is easy to absorb for different types of learners.

#2 – We create unique content which can make a difference in your career

Can you find what we are teaching on the internet? Absolutely not. We read a comment from someone who clearly does not have any idea about our material – that what we teach can be found on the internet. The iPleaders team had a good laugh over it. This guy has no idea.

Now – think of it – we teach about a SHA – Shareholders’ Agreement. Can you find articles about Shareholders’ Agreement on the Internet? Of course. Can you find on Internet what we teach about SHA? I bet a million dollars you can’t – at least not about Indian law. We guarantee it. Our material is unique. We have spoken to top investment lawyers, pieced together bits of information and strategy from different people, put in our own experience of working on deals while we were at law firms – and then we had many rounds of revisions. After that, NUJS audits the course content. Good luck on finding that stuff on the Internet.

#3 – We simplify everything so that you can focus, and don’t waste your energy

We simplify the law we teach – we believe that legal education should be intuitive. We do not give you section by section commentary of statutes or summary of case law like most other courses. We explain how business is carried out and how law fits into that scheme – we include developments from the latest notifications, policies and circulars in a manner that is easy for you to understand. This alone makes learning law way much easier. This is why we can teach FDI related law even to a first year law student or to an engineering student who has never touched any law book in his or her life – and he is able to understand it.

#4 – We identify the skills that are relevant

We teach you skills that will be useful for you. That includes super simplified guides on how to do certain things – like getting a business license or doing annual compliance for certain laws. We give you checklists and process documents you can follow. Well, if you do not actually go out and try to put these to use, your learning will not be complete. Our contribution? Those who would like to learn and have no idea as to where to start, will now have a clear picture of how certain things are done. We cannot make you do it as well – doing the thing in real life is up to you. Our first batch of students who actually put what we taught to practice has given great feedback. Some of them will have the opportunity to put much of what they learned to practice when they go for internships or actual work assignments.

#5 – We give you the context to what you are learning

We give context to the knowledge and skills you learn. You understand what is the value of these skills. You learn what is exactly wanted from you in your role. The context is very important, it helps you to understand how useful what you are learning is. We give you a clear path of learning that you can follow without a second thought. This reduces your chances of going astray or giving up due to not having proper directions.

#6 – We give you the tools you need

We create quizzes, incorporate case studies in our material and provide drafting exercises for you to test your learning in various ways. We also have discussion groups, networking sessions and schedule discussions with industry experts (law firm associates and partners) so that you are able to gain a holistic perspective of relevant subjects.

However, what we think our most important role is this:

We are a bunch of people committed to finding the most effective ways of learning the most important parts of business law that will really make a difference to your overall career. We are committed to bring our students the best opportunities, in terms of learning and for applying what they learn. To achieve this, we research, we speak to industry bigwigs, we get smart people to work with us and we work really hard round the clock.

Good things are on the horizon, and as they materialize we’ll share the same with you.

Those who are interested to know more about the Diploma Course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws (our flagship course in collaboration with NUJS) may click here.

Enrollment to the second batch of the diploma course is now open. The course starts from January 30th, and students can enroll by paying the first installment of INR 10,000/- (of the total fee of INR 20,000/-). From 1st February, the first installment will be increased to INR 11,000/-.


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