Internship Experience @ iPleaders Intelligent Legal Risk Management Solutions LLP, New Delhi: Flexible Timings and Friendly Atmosphere

Intern Details

Name – Yash Raj

College – Gujarat National Law University

Year of Study – 2nd Year

Name of the Organization

iPleaders Intelligent Legal Risk Management Solutions LLP

Address- D-110, Freedom Fighter Colony, IGNOU Road, Neb Sarai, New Delhi-110068 (Nearest Metro Station – Saket)

Duration / Timings

November 3rd to November 28th, 2015. Don’t worry! You won’t be called on a non-working day.

Office timings are 10 AM to 6:30 PM (Monday to Friday) and 10 AM to 4:30 PM (Saturday).

The only day when you will be staying long is when there’s a party in the office with the other interns and employees. I got the opportunity of staying late thrice during my internship.

I was never asked to stay back late just to do some research or office work although we stayed back on our accord to finish the pending work. In this way the environment in the office was very comfortable and relaxed.


Getting to the office of the iPleaders was not that difficult even for the first timers. It’s around one kilometer from Saket metro station.

You can either take a sharing rickshaw from the metro station towards the freedom fighter colony on the IGNOU road which will drop you on the gate 4 of the colony and bungalow no. 110 is 2 minutes from the gate or you can walk from metro station to the office if you are a bit parsimonious.

Application Process

I applied personally by sending a mail to the content scientist of the iPleaders, Mr. Amartya Bag. You can send a cover letter along with your CV to [email protected]

You can also send a mail to [email protected]

After considering your mail you will be asked to send two original write ups which could be published on their blog so as to anticipate your writing skills.


I am from Delhi so accommodation was not a problem. But the location of the office in Saket makes it within the reach of a lot of PG or even flats near neb sarai. One of the employee was also staying in a PG in the nearby area.

Travelling is the biggest problem in Delhi so getting a place nearby would be more convenient. I travelled around 1 hour daily in metro from Gandhinagar to Saket.

First impression

You are not required to be in strict formals as they mention it in their mail but you have to mandatorily carry your laptop. I reached the office a bit early at around 9:15 a.m. on the 1st day where Shinay bhaiya welcomed me and showed me the way to 1st floor where interns would sit and work.

The office was spacious and uncluttered enough for around 20 employees.

At 9.30 I met Amartya sir and within 10 minutes the office was full of eight employees and 2 interns. He is the content scientist of the iPleaders LLP.

He himself reviews all the articles which are published on the iPleaders blog.

The blog can be accessed HERE.

I was introduced to each person in the office which didn’t take long as there aren’t a lot of people.

Shinay bhaiya is the cook so there’s no need of a cafeteria in the office. He is kind enough to provide you tea, 2 times a day and lunch as well (paid).

Main Tasks

As I mentioned iPleaders is renowned in their legal education business by providing several free as well as paid online certificate courses to law students and even to other professionals also.

These courses are provided in collaboration with NUJS (National University of Juridical Sciences). I helped two of their employees who were 2nd year students in Delhi.

They handled the course publishing matters in the office but they aren’t law students so to make them work more smoothly one person was required to set the statutes, regulations, notifications in order so they could upload the same.

I assisted them while they were initiating a new course on Gambling Laws which was to be taken by Jay Sayta sir, and helped them to provide laws of different states in India, compiled them and identified the differences between laws of different states.

This is where my research work began.

Pallavi Mam and Rithi Mam are always there to help you with the research. Being a commerce student, I couldn’t resist myself from talking to finance executive of the iPleaders that is Swati Mam.

Interns were allotted 2 topics daily for research which are to be around 1500 words each.

On some days the number was cut short or even exempted if you are helping other employees while making out some legal provisions in a simpler manner or if you are helping them by deleting the unnecessary part of the video lecture of the online course.

The research material and the articles were to be submitted to the Amartya sir at the end of the day before leaving. Now that’s some office kind of feeling. He would scrutinize the articles and send you the required changes to be made.

Your articles if found worthy then might get published on the iPleaders blog. I got two of my articles published on their blog. Interns were supposed to be very specific about the topic which was allotted.

The people at iPleaders were extremely helpful, cheerful and nice.

Personally I interacted with almost all the people of iPleaders and each of them one was kind enough to talk to me with open hands.

The experience which the other employees and partners had while being an employee at top law firm helped me to get a brief idea about the operations and working of a law firm and other aspects as well.

Work Environment

When an intern was given some work, he was expected to it within the prescribed time and will all seriousness and due diligence.

All the articles were subject to scrutiny by the content scientist and changes were suggested. If satisfied with the content quality and perfection of the article it might get published at the ipleaders blog.

This is one of the best things and a great opportunity as well.

A lot of time was given to finish our work and sometimes the work of your own choice. This helped me to explore the areas of my own choice as well as other areas which I had never heard of.

The research techniques taught to me by other lawyers were very much helpful in this.

Best Things

Your research is recognized by the way of publication on the blog. A positive aspect about the research relating to the issues where interns were required to give their own reasoning and analysis.

I got to learn to create a blog of my own and now I make almost 4 posts a week whenever I get time from my other law school activities.

The timings were very flexible.

Sometimes I used to come late due to long distance travel and Delhi’s traffic but it was all condoned in fact for all the interns subject to the condition that you still have to write two articles a day.

The parties at the office helped to get a closer look on the working operations of the iPleaders while interacting with the co-founders and the designated partners. Two of the employees were 2nd year students which made me feel comfortable with working environment.

Bad Things

The travelling sometimes made me tired at the end of the day and sometimes made me to leave early from the office even on the days when there were late night parties.

Less interaction with the senior employees and co-founders because we still have unended conversations regarding several topics.

Sometimes even though I wanted to work something else apart from research and article writing, but there was no major work for the interns apart from assisting the other employees at the office.



But the publications of your articles on their blog is worth it. I now own a blog as well. Thanks to iPleaders’ entire team.

Biggest Lesson

Sometimes a job at top law firm might not work out for you, identify your potentials and make a future plan of your own considering your law school experience.

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