Internship Experience @ iPleaders, Delhi : It’s Different

The idea of interning in a law firm fascinates almost all the budding law students in the law schools. Many of them start off with the dream of interning in a top firm.

All the mooting, debating which students do, simply serves as the means to one end that is a for an impressive resume.

However, there are myths about interning in a law firm that the law firm or organization gives loads of work for interns and it should be completed by time. etc.

But ipleaders was a totally different than other organization or law firms.

I thank Mr Ramanuj Mukerjee sir,for giving me an opportunity to work as an intern at ipleaders.

In ipleaders every day was a learning to me. I gained knowledge through out  my internship.

The first day of my internship:

The day when I entered the office I had a very good welcome, and I found people working with all there laptops turned on there was a globe of legal research going on in the four cornered room.

Then I was given a topic to write an article on “Sexual harassment” it is a very good work place to interact with people. The team of ipleaders are very professional all team members were very friendly there is an interaction with the interns which I found it very useful.

As I was new, the introduction to the field of new laws or laws which I have not yet read helped me in knowing it . Everyone is really cooperating in ipleaders I interacted with every one in the team .

The team is a group of intelligent and hard working people wanting to make law easily access able to every one.

My main task was to read and research on the ongoing issues or matters. I have worked on software’s which was bit tiring but could be done the final result would be that I would find myself once again brainstorming and reading.  All in all this was a very good exercise for me in learning.

Work environment, people at ipleaders :

The people were very friendly and accommodating especially when it came to timings every one in the team were punctual and work loving , some of these things made me work for more time and to be with them. The daily schedule, mine was 10 am to 7 pm.

As the team of ipleaders are all young people, getting along with them was not an issue at all. It was in fact my opportunity to be with them to interact and share their experiences of how things work practically, their struggle and internships etc. which is actually very inspiring and they were ready to guide.

I look up-to most of them, more as a friend. There was also an other intern we used to interact with them we used to have lunch together we used to discuss or talk about current or ongoing issues I found one more thing in ipleaders internship is that they make it a point to teach you each and every thing step-by-step. Basically, they make sure that I had some or the other work to do.

The environment is lively and I can assure, one can never feel bored. I was lucky enough to have tea with everyone everyday which I feel was a memorable which I am missing today.

About people at ipleaders :

Ramanuj Mukherjee sir, as he is a perfectionist, at work and also a chilled out person.

I was lucky enough that I sat besides Abhyudaya Agarwal sir, whom I found out was a man with high intellect and knowledge of law and a work loving person working and interacting with him was a great experience to me.

Amartya Bag: the short and witty guy he had good knowledge of law and was very friendly, which made me the learning process really easy.

Gaurav Shukla I found out he was really very friendly and he is a technical guy whom I worked with and learnt about many  software’s which was helpful to me.

Pallavi Pareek, Najmus Saqib, Reena Taneja these are the other people in the team whom I didn’t work with but I had a best opportunity to interact with them also.

I personally never felt any need to relax as the work I was given used to interest me. Otherwise also, the environment is so awesome, that I really don’t need a break. The break was also fun at ipleaders I enjoyed it.

Internship experience published unedited.

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