Are Online Courses Worth It?

It was during my second year of law school that online courses became a sudden sensation. National University of Juridical Sciences had launched a series of online courses and everyone seemed to want to enroll for it! While most of us were struggling to understand the basics of law, there were students who were learning through online courses.

I’m sure for many of you debating or mooting take up a lot of your time. I was one of you. I used to think, ‘You know what, I am building my CV like it is supposed to be built.’

And then came the ‘Dexters of law school’ who were not only mooting or debating, but also taking up online courses to strengthen their profile. I realized the importance of it, during my company law lectures. The dexters answered the questions that the rest of us had no knowledge about. They raised questions which our faculties failed to answer.

While we were still understanding lifting of the corporate veil, the dexters were asking questions from Company Law regulations and SEBI guidelines. Trust me, it was annoying, but impressive at the same time.

I was an ardent protester of online courses because these courses took effort. I am someone who can perform under pressure. I cannot study in advance before an exam. I would either sit to study the night before the exam.

There were days when I used to call up my friends at 6 in the morning to ask the syllabus for an exam on the very same day! I need someone with a stick to watch over my head to ensure that I read. I was convinced that an online course would be a sheer waste of money. I would never sit and read and taking voluntary tests were beyond question.

The competition was on a constant rise. Although I’m a procrastinator, I am equally competitive. I figured that eventually students who were taking up online courses started performing much better. My rank in the class was suffering and somewhere I felt that my CV, which was the best in class till now, was just average.

Having worked as an HR in a startup during my college, I knew that ultimately it is the knowledge that is paramount in an interview. Before this phase, I was convinced that I knew everything that is taught in college. However, looking at these bunch of individuals, I started wondering, is it enough?

Thankfully, I realized it wasn’t before it was too late. Owing to this peer-pressure I decided to look up online courses. I shortlisted a few courses. My criteria for shortlisting online courses were very simple. You can benefit from it too! The criteria I adopted was:

1. To Clear My Confusion

Initial days of college life are very confusing. Every time you study a subject that interests you, you tend to believe that you can make it your career option. For instance, the first time I studied about the Nuremberg Trials, I felt I am tailor-made to defend the victims of such crimes. On studying company law, I thought, I’m business minded, and I could totally nail it in a law firm. To top it off, criminology made me think of taking up psychology after graduation! However, in this case, my interest in media laws won over the rest and I wanted an online course that helps me have a better understanding of media laws! I wanted to have a better understanding of the law to figure out if I was really interested in making a career in it!

2. To Keep Me Ahead Of Everyone

I heard a lot of my peers say that online courses are not updated. I wanted to take up a course which was updated with latest amendments and case laws. I also wanted access to a course that lasted for over a year. I needed access to the material in order to revise. I wanted to ensure that whatever course I choose could give me enough insights. And to be honest, I wanted to be Dexter!

3. To Keep Me Interested

Like I mentioned, I am a person who works under pressure. There is just one exception to it. If I am interested in what I do, I don’t need someone with a stick standing over my head!

So I was looking for a course that was like a web series. Something I could binge watch and not get bored of it. Now, that was a tough one to find. Most online courses only sell high-end academic material, which is boring to lead. I wanted a course that was interactive.

To find a course that met my criteria was difficult. But, much to my surprise, just like my peers, NUJS online courses seemed promising. I started off by selecting few courses and got free samples for them. If I could survive through the samples, I probably could manage the rest of the courses. Here are the courses I picked for the starters:

1. Executive Certification in Sexual Harassment Prevention and Workplace Diversity

Although this course was meant for professionals, I found the content of the course very well-written. Here is where you can access the course module and figure out for yourself if my thoughts match yours!

Being an ardent supporter of women rights, I wanted to take up this course to learn and explore the possibilities of making a professional career. Creating tailor-made sexual harassment policies, being a part of Internal Complaints Committee, conducting employment sensitization seemed like extremely thrilling option to me.

2. Advanced Certification in Cyber Law Practice, Information Technology, and Social Media Law

What would you do if you figured that objectionable photos of your friends were put up on the internet? Or what if you had a major disagreement with your boss and put it up on social media? Are you aware of the consequences? Could your boss allege defamation?

Not only will it help lawyers as the internet sector has a huge potential for us to grow and develop with the law. It is a fact that social media is only going to grow in the times to come. In addition, how many lawyers do you know who practice in this area? I thought it would be a good option to take this course and build my expertise in this field.

3. Advanced Certification Course on Companies Act, 2013

In law school, we were the first batch to study full-fledged Companies Act post the amendment in law in 2013. Just like my contemporaries, I wanted to make it big in a law firm. My reason for shortlisting this course was simple. The entire industry was suffering from unfamiliarity with the act. If I could figure it out beforehand, I would naturally be a choice for recruiters to hire me.

4. Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration

A year-long course with extended access for a maximum of another year! This was a course that promised to equip me with practical skills! When I downloaded the sample, I was hooked on it as this course was beyond boring reading materials. With over 100 lectures, various skill development exercises and mentorship, this course was engaging in every way. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone irrespective of their profession.

Was taking up online courses worth it?

While I was engaged in pursuing these courses, I realized the impact of what systematic education can do. The courses delivered everything it promised and in fact a lot more. After taking up these courses, I realized the importance and significance of writing. The courses required article submissions. The best part about them? This course got me my present job.

So, I can positively say not just for knowledge and resume building, but also for your personal growth an online course is a must try.



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