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About The IP Press

The IP Press is a team of IP-Holics, who started this blog to ensure access to the latest intellectual property (IP) issues for all the IP hopefuls. Our focus would be to address IP concerns of stakeholders, students, academicians, researchers, start-ups, etc. and guide them to attain and enforce their IP rights.

About IP EXPO 2020

With the change in the Indian education policy announced by the current government, we wish to gear up our initiatives to spread the IP awareness. It is unusual that a subject as relevant as IP in the modern world gets introduced to students either
only when they are halfway through their law undergraduate course or when they experience an issue first hand in their field of work. It would be extremely fruitful if students were introduced to it at an earlier stage, for instance at high school level.

Thankfully, the proposed change in the education policy opens doors to make this a reality. This proposed change is in line with the educational policies of many developed countries.

About the Events

Junior inventors: The students will be required to find out novelty in a simple invention in light of the relevant prior art. The inventions and prior art will be shown in a pictorial form for easy differentiation and recognition.

Real-time IP Dialogue Writing (IP friction): The basic idea is to encourage the IP aspirants to write on a given IP issue spontaneously. The IP issue will be drafted in a dialogue form, and the participant has to write the answers.  You may refer to their similar publications here and here. Event details are accessible here.

Trademark Opposition: This event is a simulation of a real-life trademark opposition scenario before the Registrar of trademarks. Event details are accessible here.

DnD-in the Patent Novelty: We will allot two inventions to two teams and will ask them to find prior art to Destroy novelty of the opposition team and the opposite team has to Defend the novelty in light of that prior art.

IP Workshop: Intellectual property is highly relevant in this era of globalization and it recognizes the growth of the Nation.  We will have a workshop to discuss:

  1. The effect of COVID 19 on intellectual property and its future.
  2. Career planning in IP [India and Europe].
  3. Practical views on IP/Patent Practice.

For full and payment details of all the events, click here.

The last date of registration for all the events is 15th September 2020.

To register for all the events, click here.


Exciting prizes worth Rs 40,000 along with internship opportunities with Wordict IP & S.S.Rana and with other organizations and many more incentives shall be awarded to the winners & all the participants.

An E-certificate of participation shall also be provided to all the participants.

Contact Information

Should you have any query, feel free to connect to at ipexpo.theippress@gmail.com or call at +91-8285647842 or WhatsApp at +91-7503687171.


The website link of The IP Press is here.

IP EXPO 2020 by The IP Press


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