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Interview With Siddharth Dey: AILET (NLU Delhi Entrance) Rank 7

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LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Siddharth Dey, a student of the 1 year classroom program at CLATapult got an AIR 7 in AILET 2014. We thought we’d interview him for our readers.

Note: Lawctopus is an ‘interested party’ in CLATapult.

Why do you want to do law?

1. I won’t lie, but when I had to choose my stream (and my career of choice) back in class eleven, law entrances seemed to be the easiest, & also there was this ‘easy money’-factor attached that I was told about (which, I later discovered, requires a lot of work to get to the ’easy’ part). Seemed like a no-brainer then.

Upon contemplation, I realized that there’s a lot more to it. Also, living & breathing in an era of popular unrest against the status quo, law seems to be a spearhead when it comes to effecting a change for the better and I’d like that to happen.

How did you prepare for each of the subjects in CLAT?

2. The preparation was exactly like a thorough exercise regimen; ergo, regularity was the key here. Legal, Logic & Maths revolved around concepts.

Once that was clear, it was all about practice, practice & more practice. Logic & Maths, however, required a little more attention since all the topics were not similar in nature.

In English, vocabulary & FLPs were based solely on knowledge and required constant revision like G.K.. Apart from the Pearson-newspaper-magazine routine, I kept my eyes & ears peeled for any one-off piece of information I would come across (stuff that books did not cover).

But, yes, I did not sit in a fortress of books – my coaching material & some practice material from the net sufficed.

You dropped for a year. How did you cope with that?

3. I got into a good college after my 12th, just for the sake of it. Nonetheless, I was fully encouraged to go along with my preparation.

Although not a priority, I still had to juggle both college and my entrances, focusing on the former only when the semester exams came knocking. In other words, it was a year-long grind.

However, instead of seeing this as burdensome, I saw this 24*7-active schedule as a run-up, if things went my way, to what I may have to put up with in the coming years. So, I stuck to making the best of both worlds and did ‘em both, when I did, dedicatedly.

Some ‘secret sauce’ strategies that you might have.

4. Discipline & perseverance was a must because at times I would feel I was overdoing a particular topic and should do something else, or wasn’t able to get something right. Thus, these two held the fort significantly. Also, when it came to the topics that were easy I didn’t just do them once, get a grip, and let it gather the dust of oblivion.

After I was done with them, I moved onto the tougher portions, punctuated with repetitions of the easier topics. Why leave chilled Pepsi for…boiling water?

For D-day, it was all about maintaining my composure no matter how easy/tough the questions were. I think it works in any exam.

Also, constant motivation from the faculty’s praises & wishes, & the revelling (:P) in all the good mock scores kept my head from turning into a boiler.

When I was on the move, I’d refer to the various PDFs/files on my phone, ranging from the Constitution to International Organizations, go through a small list of words & their meanings, etc. The phone’s not as bad as our parents say! Lastly, there’s only one God for all of us examinees out there – the mock test.

I took ’em seriously, and it listened. And I’ll just leave it at that.

What was your first reaction after seeing AILET results?

5. The paper wasn’t a giveaway and really put us to the test, so the going was tough for this one. Add to that the odds of getting through being heavily stacked for almost everyone, it was quite a mix of ecstasy & relief when the network finally complied with my incessant clicking to reveal the result. To ace an exam on the national level is really something. 🙂

How did CLATapult help you?

6. For the first time, I actually looked forward to going to a place dealing with anything remotely academic!

Having current NUJS undergrads as faculty members was an actual plus for me (combined, they took ALL the CLAT exams conducted till day) and I utilized it to the fullest; also the non-formulaic, non-mechanical way of teaching worked for me.

Questions could easily be put forward at any time as communication wasn’t strictly formal as it might be in the case of “sir”s or “ma’am”s.

Apart from that, I got an idea of a plethora of things legal and useful insights on the National Law Schools and various other law colleges.

CLATapult has helped me personally improve on a lot of counts, and on the whole, it’s been a worthy experience over the last one year.

Any other thing you’d want to share with us?

7. One’s reading & comprehension abilities are like partners in a three-legged race – either one lags behind, and the show’s over. And, just like a race, it goes without saying that one HAS to be F-A-S-T. Also, the triad of diligence, perseverance, & composure, I believe, did the trick.

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