Interview with RGNUL’s Sanchit Aggarwal: Cracking ISB Hyderabad, GMAT Preps, MBA+Law Option

sanchit agarwal
Sanchit Agarwal

We interviewed Sanchit Aggarwal from RGNUL, Patiala who aced his GMAT examination and got through to ISB, Hyderabad.

We broached over a lot of topics such as his transition from a legal beagle to a management trainee and the phase of preparation. Below is the interview:

Q. Hi Sanchit! We heard that you recently got through ISB, Hyderabad. Congratulations for the same! How does it feel?

Honestly it feels wonderful.

I always dreamt of getting into the Indian School of Business and now that I finally have, I’m at peace.

 Q. Why did you opt for MBA after law?

In my opinion MBA + Law is an excellent combination.

It is a well recognised and a popular combination abroad. Harvard has a JD+MBA programme which is very popular among students.

At present this combination is not very popular in our country, but I’m sure things are bound to change soon.

Today many sectors like Telecom, Aviation, Banking and Insurance are so highly regulated that it becomes imperative for a person making decisions to know the law.

Gradually the need of people with law and management degrees will be required for the top positions in a company.

Q. As a law student, how viable is an MBA degree? What makes you a better choice (armed with a Law and Management degree) over all other MBA graduates?

I think an MBA degree makes a lot of sense post law. Law out of other graduation fields like engineering, medical or Bcom has more connection with an MBA.

I think a law student is equipped with good critical reasoning and analytical abilities which can really help him in his management career.

Internships, public speaking, research oriented study and most importantly the knowledge of law that a law student is equipped with makes him a better candidate than the rest.

Q. What have been the biggest challenges rather roadblocks. What have been the mini morals of these stories up until now?

Firstly, it has been very difficult for me to explain my choice of taking up an MBA to everyone around me.

Secondly, I did not have many people to guide me in this Phase, as I didn’t know any seniors who had done their MBA from a reputed college.

Thirdly, it was a bit difficult to manage my college along with my application process at ISB.

MORAL: Consistency helps big time.

Q. Could you elucidate on the preparation Stage?

The Application process for ISB consists of III Stages:

Stage I- Resume, Academics, Video Essay, Questionnaire

Stage II- GMAT, Three Essays, Two evaluations (recommendations)

Stage III- Personal Interview, Case Study Analysis

I managed the Stage I along with my college. It wasn’t very tedious as the only thing that I had to concentrate on was my Video Essay.

Luckily I had my college break before Stage II, which was very tedious.

I really put in a lot of time writing my essays and studying for GMAT. I decided not to intern during that period, but utilize all the time I had for my application.

For Stage III I mainly prepared for the case studies. I read Case in Point and Vault for the preparation.

Q. What will the focus of your specialisation be in ISB?

I haven’t decided on this yet. But I think Finance will go very well with Law.

Q. Describe a day in the life of Sanchit?

I live a very ordinary life, my biggest challenge of the day being getting up in time for college.

I somehow did manage to get things out of myself during my application phase, I still haven’t figured out how till date. I tried my best to allocate sometime for my preparation everyday.

Q. Do tell me about any Future plans.

As the programme that I have got through is a 2+1 programme, I need to find a place to work for the next two years.

I have been offered admission to the 2016 batch of ISB and till then I have to complete a couple of years of work experience.

My future plans for now are finding work for myself. I haven’t thought of what I would be doing post ISB right now.

Q. Your message to the readers and MBA aspirants graduating from Law School?

I recommend all MBA aspirants to go for an MBA without giving it a second thought. In my opinion it is a wonderful career option hosting an array of brilliant career opportunities for lawyers.

Honestly it is not very tough to clear the admission process, including GMAT.

Quant isn’t extraordinarily tough and we law students comparatively have good critical reasoning and English. Do not be scared to take the road less travelled. It is a different career option but a rewarding one.

If anyone needs any help or has any doubts please feel free to ask me.

Books you referred to for preparation for GMAT

  • Kaplan
  • Princeton
  • Official GMAT guide


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