Interview: Winners of VIPS International Moot [Nirma University]; DOWNLOAD MEMORIALS

Institute of Law, Nirma University represented by Shahrukh Khan, Prapti Patel and Soumya Vaishy won the 2nd Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies International Moot Court Competition, 2014.

Guneet Banga, Lawctopus Campus Manager did a great job interviewing the winning team and acquiring their memorials.

Download Memorials from links below:

Download the Applicant Memo HERE.

Download the Respondent Memo HERE.

Read their interactions below:

Hey guys, congratulations on your victory! Basic questions first, what made you choose the moot in the first place? 

Hi Guneet. Thank you very much. All of us had a keen interest in International Law and the moot problem covered a lot of international law topics, hence we chose this moot. 

How was the process of preparation? How did you go about the entire stage? 

The process of preparation was very hectic and time consuming. Firstly, we began by discussing over the moot problem. Putting forth arguments and counter arguments from each side.

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Secondly, a thorough primary research was undertaken so as to eliminate unwanted issues.

The research also involved going over the basics of international law again and again.

Thereafter the main issues were formulated and a deep research on the issues led us to the framing of pleadings.

We did not distribute each issue, rather we researched together on each issue because we believed that all of us should be so thorough and clear on the facts and law points that even if somebody wakes us up in the middle of the night to argue our case, we’d be able to.

How was it like working with the team? What do you think are your team’s fortes? What were the roadblocks? 

This team is the best that all us of could ask for. It has been a great learning experience for all of us, as we learned from each other. The hard work, co-ordination and dedication which the team has put in during the span of 3 weeks is commendable.

It is always important to choose compatible team members while going for a moot because the journey does not end till memorial making or the oral arguments, it is indeed every moment whereby your team mates stand by you, whatever the exigencies maybe.

Luckily, we didn’t have to face any situation where all of us were fighting to the extent of pulling each other’s hair; which we have witnessed in a lot of teams. What led us to winning this moot is the mutual respect that we had for each other and the unshakable faith in each other.

While preparing the memorials we had a little difficulty in formulating the issues because the problem covered a lot of aspects of international law and putting all of these by keeping in mind the page limit was a challenging task. 

How many teams were you up against in the competition? Which team would you consider to be your toughest competition?

We were up against a total of 34 teams across the country including some of the major National Law Universities. CNLU Patna, our opponents in the finals were our toughest competition.

How was the final round up against Chankaya National Law University, Patna? 

The final rounds were nerve cracking and exhilarating. We experienced all sorts of jitters one possibly can. Our respected friends from CNLU, Patna were extremely good and finding out flaws in their speech as well as their memorial for the surrebuttal was difficult.

All we could see was the trophy, and we kept on reminding each other that we have to take this baby home.

So, when it came upon us to argue; Shahrukh was confident that we’d crack this moot and in the rebuttals; Soumya rebutting and slashing all the arguments put forth by our opponents; broke down the case of our opponents.

Also, what helped was Prapti’s continuous passing of our compendiums to the judges. All in all as they say hard work always pays off, ours led us to our victory. 

What message would you like to pass on to the mooters and the non-mooters?

To the mooters, have faith and confidence in yourself. Utter dedication and sheer perseverance can lead you to great heights. Remember, Rome was not built in one day. It takes time and efforts to achieve success.

Choose a team that follows your mantra of hard work. Moot as much as you can because this is one platform where you can learn a lot from yourself, from your team members and from other law students. You will always remember your mooting days and these will help you a lot in honing you skills.

To the non-mooters, it is our sincere advice that one should indulge in mooting activities as these can give a shape to your career that nothing else can. Mooting helps you build up confidence that you never thought you could have. Mooting helps you gain knowledge which perhaps you cannot in a classroom.

It helps you, in not only building skills on your professional front, but it also helps you in making ties and friends that you will always remember. Participate in moot court competitions as it also gives you a glimpse of the real life, how hard it is to survive in the rat race. It prepares you for your future. 

Final comments on the level of competition and the organisation of the competition.

The competition was difficult and challenging, but due credit has to be given to Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies for hosting such a wonderful and memorable event. They took good care of all the participants. It was well managed and well organized. The organizing committee was at our beck and call.


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