CAREER INTERVIEW: Sandhya Krishnan Gorthi (of NLSIU Bangalore): Owner of Lifestyle Store Sanctum and Theatre Actor, Dancer, Writer, RJ


Sandhya Krishnan Gorthi
Sandhya Krishnan Gorthi

Sandhya Krishnan Gorthi has graduated from National Law School of India University, Bangalore in 1998.

Woman extraordinaire, she has an extremely varied work experience as a corporate trainer, RJ, Theatre artist, stint with India’s first online art auction, Editor and freelance writer, and now a successful entrepreneur as founding the furniture and lifestyle store- Sanctum.

1. What all activities have you been involved in, as a student in Bishop Cotton and in NLSIU?

I was in a lot of activities actually. Literary- elocution, debating, fests, in cultural -music dance, fashion team, sports- though I wasn’t good at it but I took part in all. All of these continued in law school as well.

I was the Cultural Secretary and it was during this time that we started Strawberry Fields in NLS, which continues till date if I am not wrong.

Yes, I did my bit of moots and debates but I wasn’t keen on them I was more into cultural things.

2. Theatre Actor, dancer, writer, RJ, – how did law come into picture?

I am a person interested in a lot of things, I have always been. I come from family of doctors. So I would say choosing law was by accident.

But I knew I wanted to do a professional course as that was important. So in those tumultuous teenage years, I gathered I didn’t want to do medicine like the rest of my family and did law instead.

3. You have worked as an Editor for, Times of India, Hindustan Times. Have you always been involved in writing?

Oh yes, I have always loved writing. Since school I have won and have been involved in Story writing, essay competitions, etc. I have worked as a Legal editor and also did a writing course during my law school years.

Today, I have two kids and even during the maternity leave -all I did was write. Whenever I have free time I do write blogs.

4. How did you go from being a corporate trainer at Prana Worldwide into retail as a partner at The Shop?

That was purely by accident. I just come on board as a consultant. It was huge opportunity but it required lot of commitments.

The other partners were in Delhi and they needed someone in Bombay so I thought why not, and jumped on board. I believe India is ready for retail shift.

At present, I am the owner of Sanctum a furniture and lifestyle boutique store in Mumbai.

Sanctum is at the cusp of something that could be interesting.  I don’t want it to be just another boutique store but a template that could be emulated across India and abroad. Currently I am looking for options for growth partners to get to where I envision.

5. How has law degree helped in your various careers?

In NLS we were given so many projects. The kind of research that we had to do gives so much structure to your writing and that has helped me till date.

Say for example if I have to research on creating a business plan I go about a very methodical way that I have learned through my law school training and I am going out topic here but even as a parent while making a lot of parenting decisions I go about an analysed and methodological way.

6. Since graduating you have kept yourself constantly engaged, how do you juggle work and private life?

I think some people do much more in 24 hours. You gotta give your 100% focus on the one thing you’re involved in.

I think I learnt much later how to DE clutter life, I spent a lot of time prioritizing things like I used to work hard on every request that I got.

Now I have freed my mind from this difficulty. We ought to keep an open mind about things and importantly, 100 % mind into everything you do makes life run smoothly.

7. As most of the readers are law students, what advice would you give them about offbeat and unconventional career choices after law?

One is to really value legal education. A lot more students are consciously choosing law and less by accident, which is actually great. Law is an invaluable base for so many things say entrepreneur, to be a game changer, player in advocacy of rights of other people, etc.

Firstly it is important to examine and understand your personality and secondly try and create a goal that you  desire – keep in mind these two things and law can provide with a fabulous base for multitude of disciplines and you can literally do anything you wish.

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