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Interview of Ishanth Bansal, Head at Shuruwat Foundation

  • Please introduce yourself to our readers.

This is Ishanth Bansal. I come from Sabalgarh, Madhya Pradesh. I have completed my schooling from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. I am currently  pursuing law from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. The main reason to opt Law as a career was because I always aspired to give back to society in the best possible way and  Law seemed to be the correct choice of doing so.

My personal interests include writing. I also got my book published in the year 2020 named  “Do Nagme” on the platform ‘Your Quote’.

I like to spend my leisure time by recording and uploading my podcasts on various platforms like Spotify, Google podcast etc.

  • Can you tell us about the Shuruwat Foundation- how did it come to be in the first place?

Shuruwat Foundation is a government registered NGO which started in December 2019 and got registered in March 2020.  It is currently operating at two locations i.e Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and Dehradun,Uttarakhand. The Gwalior branch is managed by friend, Mr. Aakash Gupta and the Dehradun Branch is managed by me. The purpose of this foundation is  the upliftment of the underprivileged section of the society.

  • Please tell us about the work the Foundation is engaged in.

Shuruwat Foundation is engaged in various works ranging from- welfare of underprivileged section, providing primary education to children, sensitising people about various social issues, distributing food,  helping elderly people who are abandoned by their family, to providing help to the people of the underprivileged section in getting employment. The foundation is also engaged in animal welfare and tries to take as many steps as possible to conserve the environment.

  • Who all are a part of the organization? How do the students manage to run this along with their studies? 

Our organisation’s members range from students and faculties from various universities to  accomplished businessmen and women etc.

Our organisation works in a very well structured manner in which no member is overburdened with the work. The  organisation is divided in various departments like Editorial, Marketing, Graphics, Operations, Event management etc. Each member is allotted with the department of their choice. The work is managed according to the availability of the members. Moreover, the foundation  comprises a team of enthusiastic members who are always willing to cooperate.

Ishanth Bansal
  • What is the work that your organization has been doing during covid?

Ever since the COVID pandemic struck our nation , the  organisation has actively engaged in helping people cope with their quarantine period by providing free quarantine deliveries, helping the frontline workers with their basic requirements of food and water etc. In this second and disastrous wave of the pandemic, the organisation is running  a  24/7 COVID helpline which provides verified leads of various resources like availability of Hospital beds, oxygen, relevant medicines etc.  Apart from this, we are also running  a free mental health helpline wherein anyone can seek free counselling sessions from our specialized team of psychologists.

  • What are your future plans for the organization?

Our future plans involve, actively working for the welfare of most neglected section of the society i.e. LGBTQIA+ community and sensitising the society about the community. Apart from that, we aspire to grow our reach of ‘Shuruwat ki Pathshala’ so that more and more children can get their fundamental right to education. Moreover we aspire to work further in the field of  various mental health issues and to raise our voice for the rising crimes in the society.

To apply for an internship at Shuruwat Foundation click here.

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