Interview of Dr. Deepak Miglani: Starting His Youtube Channel ‘Legal Point’, Pros & Cons of Academia

Interview of Dr. Deepak Miglani

Interview of Deepak Miglani

Dr. Deepak Miglani is an assistant professor at School of Law, Ansal University Gurgaon. He completed his law school and after years of practising law while keeping up with academics, he became an academician.

In this interview he talks about his Youtube Channel LEGAL POINT: Judiciary, CLAT and Law Entrance Exam garners lakhs of view every month.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Presently I am teaching in the School of Law at Ansal University Gurugram. I have completed my LL.B. in 2003 and started litigation court practice in Delhi NCR.

I appeared in every court from District to Supreme Court while practising law. Meanwhile, I have also completed LL.M. in  2007 and PhD in 2012. After the completion of my PhD, I got engaged in teaching work in different law colleges. Initially, I started Teaching Assignment at Geeta Institute of Law Panipat as an Assistant Professor.

Later on, I taught at SBS College of Law Rohtak for 3 years and then joined School of Law Ansal University Gurugram in March 2016.

Please tell us about your school life. What were your interests and who were your mentors?

I was average in studies during my school period but excellent in co-curricular activities like debates, extempore, etc.

I studied in Hindi medium till ninth grade but I took the risk of switching to English medium in tenth grade and passed with good marks. My mentor is my elder brother who always guides and motivates me.

Please tell us about your college life. What were your interests and who motivated you?

After my 12th grade, I took admission in 5-year Integrated LL.B. Course at Faculty of Law, Mahrishi Dayanand University  Rohtak.

I learnt a lot during my LL.B course in college while participating in all activities like quizzes, model parliament, moot courts, debates, etc.

Tell us about your days as a budding scholar (postgraduate and PhD days). What’s your advice for future researchers and professors?

I completed my PhD while practising law Practice in court helped me in understanding the law at the grassroots level from common man’s point of view. Experience in Court is always helpful for me in teaching by bridging the gap between practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge.

My advice for researchers and professors is to research and teach the law subjects more practically than theoretically. They should relate each aspect of the law to happenings in society so that students can understand very well the actual implication of law.

Please tell us about your Youtube channel. What made you start it?

My youtube Channel’s Name is LEGAL POINT: Judiciary, CLAT and Law Entrance Exam. When I practised in court, I felt that nobody is happy with the judicial system.

Everyone including Judges, Advocates and police used to say that administering justice is takes a long time. Frustration was reflecting on their work.

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I realized that the complicated language of the law is one of the main causes. Cases in the court are increasing day by day. Law is enacted for the common man and not for lawyers, judges and law teachers. Many times these people do not understand the law easily. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The courts are overburdened with cases and the numbers are increasing day by day. People are filing cases on issues where there is no damage and on the other hand, do no claim their genuine rights due to this legal ignorance. If they understand law easily, they will not file unnecessary cases.

At that time, I started to think about removing legal ignorance for the legal empowerment of the common man. I arranged around 400 email ids and sent a message titled LEGAL TIP OF THE DAY and got a tremendous response.

I requested everybody to donate email ids to me and started to send legal tip/Legal Alert to around 70000 people through emails and different groups. Since people do not check previous emails I started a Youtube channel.

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I make simple and short videos on judgements from the Supreme Court, High Court, and Tribunals and also on circulars and notifications from the government.

These videos help law students, lawyers, judges and the common man in understanding the lengthy and complicated judgments. For judicial examination aspirants and law aspirants, I used to make videos on objective type questions on various topics of law.

Recently I have started to make videos on drafting and pleading which is helpful for law students and young lawyers to understand the pleading and drafting.

It is pertinent to mention here that my mother Smt. Kaushlya, Brother Kamal Jeet and Dinesh Miglani always support and motivate me. Without their support, running the youtube channel would not be possible.

How do you go about publicising your Youtube channel?

When I make a video, I send the link to every person who is connected with me on Whatsapp and share the link on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

What are the biggest pros and cons of legal academia as a career?


Academic Freedom/Independence

Academician has more freedom and independence in many areas than other professionals in the industry. Academia offers more opportunities to design their research, to choose their area and to focus their work.

Focus on your interests

In academia, you have more time to focus on your interests.

Job Security

Academia as a career is not a lucrative profession but it is a secure career in comparison to other professions.

Long term employment is seen as an incentive to remain with the institution. Although there is comparatively less job security at private institutions, working with them gives more confidence and learning.


Earn less money

For the same experience, other jobs offer better salaries than academia and provide room for professional advancement.

Pressure and competition

Of course, academicians have a lot of freedom within their research fields but there is a lot of pressure to produce publishable results in reputed journals. There may be a lot of unhealthy competition between academicians.

Corporate jobs seem to be more team-driven and offer a much more supportive and constructive work environment.

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  1. Gone through the entire interview and would like to submit that Dr Deepak Miglani has excellent knowledge of Law on all subjects, particularly, IPC, Cr. PC, Law of evidence, CPC, Family Laws and Labour Laws. It is highly beneficial to remain tagged with him to enhance the
    Legal Knowedge of an individual.