INTERVIEW: Bikramjit Biswas, KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar on Internships, Moots & Co-curricular Activities

Bikramjit Biswas is an alumni of KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar. Following is an interview by him given to our campur leader Raghav Arora .

What inspired the law school decision?

One of my family members is an advocate and he was a constant source of inspiration growing up, this was one of the significant reason for me to join law school.

You have been a consistently good in studies. How do you prepare?

Since, the profession is unlike any other. I believe that the approach should be holistic and students should always strive to learn the fundamentals of the legal subjects as well as the profession itself.

You have a more than impressive amount of extracurricular activities on your CV. How do you manage to balance that with academics?

I would say that time management is the key and compartmentalizing also helps a great deal. There is a world beyond the books. Don’t be the frog in the well.

What kind of internships have you pursued till now and which one has been the most memorable?

I have had internships in the various courts and well as in solicitor firms. I would like to place emphasis that internships ought to be done in a meaningful manner. There was this one internship back in New Delhi.

It was a decent-sized law firm but although I was an intern back then, my work was valued a great deal  and I was seen as a part of the team.

Tell us about favorite sport and your passion for it.

I am a football fan. Through and thorough and I am a huge Chelsea FC fan. Blue all the way.

What are your Future plans?

Winning cases. Hopefully.

What has been your most memorable incident in law school?

There has been so many. But to pick one would be doing injustice to the numerous others.

All I would like to add is that 5 years will give you a great number of memorable moments, treasure them.

Any tips for those who’re trying to build a well rounded CV?

Treat your internships, moot courts and others activities (curricular) with the seriousness that it deserves.

This interview has been conducted by Raghav Arora, Campus Manager, Faculty of Law, AMU

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