INTERVIEW: Ashutosh Tripathi, Assistant Professor at Amity Law School-II, Noida

Interview by: Ria Singh
1. How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Ans: First of all thanks to you and Lawctopus for taking my interview. I have done my schooling from Bishop Johnson School, Allahabad and then pursued my B.Com from University of Allahabad. Thereafter, I pursued my LL.B from the same university. After that, I have done my LL.M from NLSIU, Bangalore.

Presently, am working as an Asst Prof in Amity Law School-II, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

2. When and how did you decide to choose as law as your career?

Ans: There are certain subjects of law in B.Com like contracts, etc. which always fascinated me so to study law in deep, I decided to pursue law in the final year of my B.Com.

3. What areas of law fascinated you the most?

Ans: Among all the subjects, Constitution always fascinated me due to its day to day impact on our life. Apart from that I have a liking for Human Rights and International law.

4. Tell us something about your law school experience?

Ans:  I have pursued 3-year law degree course that too from a traditional university where general law is considered as a last option for many students.

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I was one of the youngest students in my class and also who is doing law by choice so it created little bit of uncertainty in me. But as it’s said, if you follow your passion, you will like it to core.

5. Have you ever had a court room experience, if yes, then how was it?

Ans: No, I never went to court as I was always very clear to make teaching as my career.

6. After graduating as a law student what difference did you see in yourself?

Ans:  After graduating in law, the most significant difference that I found in myself was that I was able to analyse things better and also able to understand politics and socio-economic conditions of India in a much better way.

7. Why did you pursue teaching?

Ans: My father is also a Professor in an engineering college. So from my childhood, I have a developed a liking for a teaching profession.  Therefore, I decided to pursue teaching as my career although it had less money but trust me, it give you amazing satisfaction level.

8. Are you satisfied with the way students are taught today?

Ans: To a great extent, I am satisfied with the way law students are being taught today except that we are giving too much importance to commercial subjects and somehow ignoring procedural laws in the process.

9. How important does research paper and article writing is in a law student’s life?

Ans: These days writing research papers and articles is very essential for any law student as it leads you to study a particular area in detail, which is generally not covered in syllabus. It increases student’s employability.

10. In the end, what would you like to say to enlighten and encourage our readers?

Ans: Just one thing to say, follow your dreams by working hard and rest will be automatically taken care off.


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