INTERVIEW: Nisha Mohandas (of CLC, Faculty of Law, Delhi): On Litigation in Delhi

Advocate Nisha Mohandas graduated from Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi in the year 2011. She started her career in Litigation and got enrolled in 2011.

In this interview we speak to her about:

  • Her passion for Litigation.
  • Her Hobbies & Balance between professional & personal Life
  • Advice to the Young Law Students.

Interview by Sushmita Das, our campus leader from Barktatullah University, Bhopal.

1. How would you to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am an Advocate practicing in all courts of Delhi specifically Supreme Court, High Court, Armed Force Tribunal, Telecom Dispute Settlement & Appellate Tribunal & District Courts.

2. How did you gravitate towards the field of Law?

I had always thought of studying Law but had never planned on taking it up as my profession. I got an opportunity in Litigation and stuck with it.

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3. When did you decide to take up Law as a Profession? Tell us your early professional experiences in the field of Law?

The inclination towards the profession began with my first internship with Mr. Hari Shankar (Senior Advocate). I felt that litigation could me my calling.

Fortunately, from my first job itself I got the opportunity to work cases independently with able guidance of my colleagues that just cemented my choice.

4. Where you like to see yourself in the next ten years down the line?

Honestly speaking, 10 years are not very long period in litigation. All I hope is to continue doing excellent work and face new and exciting challenges and projects.

5. What is the nature of matters that you take up?

I practice in all courts of Delhi specifically Supreme Court, High Court, Armed Force Tribunal, and Telecom Dispute Settlement & Appellate Tribunal & District Courts.

6. From Law Student to a Lawyer, how will you describe your Journey?

It has been an eye opener. It has definitely given me loads of confidence owing to the fact that I have to function without my godfather.

The journey is still continuing. With the grace of god hope to have a wonderful journey ahead.

7. How you manage yourself in between professional and personal interest? Do you think that in this profession social life doesn’t exist? Do you have any hobbies?

At least in the initial years, social life and interest may take a back seat but one socialises in court while waiting for the matters.

A work life is balance is essential. One has to make a conscious effort to spend time with yourself and family.

Yes, I do have hobbies like Classical Dance, Reading (To Sir, With Love, Rebecca, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter to name a few), would like to get back to playing the violin.

8. What would you advice to the Young Law students?

To the Law students: Study hard but in the process don’t forget to have fun. College is one of the best times in life, make friends, do all kinds of internships (help in discovering what ones interest is).

Be ready for life of studying if you take up litigation. That is one of its many interesting aspects.


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