INTERVIEW: Anand Sharma (of Barkatullah University, Bhopal): On Litigation at Bhopal District and Session Court

Anand Sharma completed his graduation from Department of Legal Studies & Research, Barkatullah University, Bhopal and got enrolled in 2008.

In this interview we speak to him about:

• His Early Professional Life
• His Expertise in the Field of Litigation.
• Balance between professional and personal life.
• Advice to the Young Law students.

Interview by Sushmita Das, our campus leader from Barktatullah University, Bhopal.

1. How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Anand Sharma, an Advocate practicing at Bhopal District and sessions court since 2008.

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I have the best job that I could possibly have which everyday inspires me a lot and make me a better person to realize pros and cons of this society so that I can help as much as I can to the needy people that’s why I have always been passionate about my profession.

2. How did you gravitate towards the field of law?

I have always dreamed of being a successful lawyer the one thing that has always inspired me to become a lawyer is the amount of freedom this profession permits for me “freedom” means the opportunity to create an impact and bring about a favorable change in the society.

Further this profession allows me to become my own boss and work and thrive as per my own willingness and convenience without having to care about someone else’s orders or directives.

3. When did you decide to take up law as profession? Tell us about your early professional experiences in the field of law?

My father being a government servant always gave me insights about the functioning of the government and the importance of law therein. Thus, after passing out for my intermediate I had made up my mind that I wanted to pursue law and make a career out of it.

After passing out from my law college I got myself enrolled at Bhopal Bar Association in 2008 since I had no formal background in advocacy so I had to start my practice from the scratch and thereby felt the need of gaining popularity not only among the clients but also among my colleagues.

After my enrollment, I realized this hard fact that around five thousand advocates were already enrolled and practicing at the Bhopal District and Session court. I believe in the field of law, knowledge goes hand in hand with popularity.

In order to gain popularity, I contested Bar Association Election in 2010 and got elected as Executive Member of the Bar Association. Further I have, as a matter of principle, always tried to provide appropriate legal assistance to any poor or needy litigant pro Bono, now I have had my share of struggles.

4. From a law student to a lawyer how will you describe your journey?

The only measure difference I have felt during my journey from a law student to a lawyer is that while I was a law student I was primarily acquainted with academic knowledge of law.

But after I enrolled myself as an advocate, I realized that the knowledge of law is way beyond books and journals and it is primarily the practical side of knowledge and experience that actually matters.

Anand Sharma, Anand Sharma barkatullah university

5. Where you like to see yourself in the next ten years down the line?

Ten years down the line I see myself leading a top law firm and providing quality legal assistance to litigants across all high courts and the Supreme Court.

Further, I believe that ten years from now I would have augmented my pursuits and would be assisting a larger section of under privileged litigants.

6. What is the nature of matter that you take up?

I primarily specialised in civil law and mainly take up cases pertaining to consumer disputes, cheque bouncing cases (NIA 138) and cases pertaining to environmental law at NGT among others. I also take a cases related to family disputes.

9. What attracted you more to practice as an Advocate rather than Fancy Corporate Jobs?

Corporate sector has a system of hierarchy which as per my understanding curtails one’s freedom to properly express themselves, whereas as a practicing advocate I believe I have a larger platform to showcase my skills without having to care about someone else’s orders

10. How you manage yourself in between professional and personal interest? Do you think having in this profession social life doesn’t exist?

I consider myself fortunate enough for getting remuneration for a job I am passionate about. Due to this my working hours are akin to my leisure hours.

The fact that I am passionate about my work really allows me to socialize a lot and deal with people from diverse background, and I keep a track of my network circles to social media

11. What would be your advise to young law students?

To my young colleagues, I would like to say law is indeed a noble profession but one must realize that in spite of the fact that initially the going may get tough.

If one strives hard and remains consistent in their efforts, it just a matter of time to create a considerable favorable impact in the society.

To be successful first thing to do is fall in love with your work trust not what inspire other members of society to choose a career trust what inspires you.


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