Lawctopus’ InternSmith Coaching Program [Feb 1-20]: Register by Jan 15; Get the Know-How to Get Good Internships

Law students spend a large amount of time applying for internships. Most of the internship applications are rejected and the law student has no clue where he/she’s going wrong.

The seniors in law schools themselves face the same problem and hence are not of much help; and the faculty doesn’t have enough engagement with the legal industry to be able to guide the students.

This was the case when we started Lawctopus in September, 2010 and this is the case now, in 2017!

While the internship experiences shared on Lawctopus have helped 1000s of law students make informed ‘choices’ about where to intern; there’s no program or counselling available to help the student become capable of securing internships and doing well in them.

And hence this course.


This course will help you:

1. Decide where to intern.

2. Make a cover letter that’s professional and read by the recruiter.

3. Get your CV reviewed* (so that you can work on the gaps in your CV).

4. Get personally coached on how to make follow-up calls (You can spot a student vs. a professional from the ‘hello’ itself).

5. Know how to excel in an internship and maintain a healthy contact afterwards.

6. Most importantly. Get unstuck! Get clarity on the internship related questions you might have and the direction you need to move.

* Your CV is not a 2 page document. It’s your story. It’s about your skills and experiences and what you bring to the world. That’s how we view your CV.

Interested? Read on.


Tanuj Kalia, Lawctopus’ CEO personally conducts this program.

Tanuj has interacted with 1000s of law students in the last 6 years of running Lawctopus. An NUJS, Kolkata graduate, he was a part of the placement committee while in his 1st year of college.

His book Law as a Career published by LexisNexis had 6 reprints in its 1st Edition and the 2nd Edition was released recently.

Tanuj also regularly consults with law firms, legal offices and law schools about their legal recruitment needs.

You can find him on Linkedin here.


The course is conducted over emails and over telephonic coaching calls.

Step 1: The course begins with you submitting a form which asks you some basic career questions and the  submission of your CV. These are then studied by your coach.

Step 2: You are given 2 short Guide Papers on CVs and Internships to study. These GPs are based on Tanuj’s book ‘Law as a Career’. The GPs form the theoretic/informational framework for this program.

Step 3: Mock internship application process. You apply with a cover letter and a CV and do a follow-up phone call.

Step 4: Cover letter review. I discuss your cover letter and how you can improve upon it over a short telephonic coaching call.

Step 5: CV review. I review your CV (based on your career plans and where you want to intern) over a short telephonic call and give you a radically honest feedback on it.

Step 6: Phone call review. I review your professional telephonic calls skills and tell you how to approach them.

Step 7: You are given a short Guide Paper on Career Planning.

Step 8: 360 degree review. In this session we answer any other internship related queries you may have.


This program does NOT guarantee you an internship.

It guarantees that you’ll have a powerful framework to go about internships.


If you can spare an hour a day for the duration of this course (20 days), that’s more than enough.


Rs. 3900 (introductory fees).


If you think the program was not worth the 3900 rupees you invested, you’ll get your money back.

Just email us telling us why you didn’t like the program.

No conditions apply.


The best way to get your queries addressed about this program is to put it in a comment on this post.

Or you can send an email to [email protected] or call at 9711850703.

  • Duration: February 1-20
  • Course Fees: Rs. 3900
  • Intake: 5-20 students
  • Coach: Tanuj Kalia
  • Last date of registration: January 15

To register, please send a copy of the receipt/or screenshot of the payment to [email protected] with your personal details: name, email ID, phone number in the body of the email.

The subject line of the email should be ‘InternSmith Program Registration’.

Please use the following details to make the payment. You can either pay through direct bank transfer or online bank transfer or a direct cheque deposit.

Name: Tanuj Kalia
Bank name : HDFC Bank
Branch name/Address: Geetanjali, New Delhi
Account Number : 50100049041211
IFSC Code: HDFC0000614

You can also pay by debit/credit card using the link here. (Instamojo is a trusted online payments facilitator)


1. I have a career related question. Will that be answered in this program?

Please have a look at the ‘Personal Career Coaching’ program and see if that suits you better.

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