Two Internship Experiences @ Jharkhand High Court; One @ Litigation Lawyer, Second @ Judge

Name. Name of College.

Ishita Dasgupta, NUSRL, Ranchi

Duration of Internship.

Starting date- November 21, 2013. Ending date – January 21, 2014


First Internship

I completed two important internships during this time period. The 1st one was in the chamber of Advocate Pandey Neeraj Rai and second one under Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.R. Prasad, Jharkhand High Court.

Both these experiences were interesting and memorable.

On the first day of internship in the Layer’s chambers, I had the impression that Mr. Rai was a strict and a disciplinarian. But soon I realized that I couldn’t have got a cooler lawyer to intern under.

He and both his juniors were friendly and helpful. I was required to observe the court proceedings and take note of it. Also some research work was involved as well as the study of case files sometimes.

Work was made interesting in the chamber. The cases dealt with included bail matters, dowry cases and even some service and environmental matters.

One of the junior lawyers in the chambers was given the task to teaching me all the procedures and give me a tour of the court. That was quite interesting. All the procedures were explained and doubt, even the trivial ones, were cleared very patiently by her.

Research work was also given to me. The main topics included criminal defamation, bail and types of bail, murder and culpable homicide etc. the timings were flexible and I was allowed enough time to go on with my own personal research. In fact the senior lawyer provided certain helpful insights into my own research work.

A little sincerity there taught lot many things to me. Moreover the practical court room experience clarified all the procedural matters. Overall the internship experience was a great one and I learnt quite a lot from it.

Second Internship

The second internship started in the month of January under one of the best judges of Jharkhand High Court. This was another wonderful experience.

The judge was extremely learned and knowledgeable. Interning under Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad was definitely an enriching experience. The training was marked by spending extensive hours on researching on various laws of the criminal justice arena and finding landmark cases and judgements for the same.

There were discussions on various issues, some of them related to the cases that were filed in the High Court and discussed on the particular day and others were mostly the cases and laws he gave us to study on.

He was a pillar of immense knowledge in criminal law and discussed with us various subjects that were interesting and broadened our vision as well. Mostly, all the criminal suits were handled by him.

The court room was always bridled with extensive arguments on cases with pertinent issues and competent lawyers handling the same as well. The court room experience was another great experience that taught us a lot.

Besides, we had access to the judge’s library where we spent our lunch breaks catching up on all the journals and other books. I found Kenny’s Outlines on Criminal Law and The International Human Rights providing me with a thorough knowledge on criminal law development and human rights.

Overall, the two months spent in the High Court turned out to be interesting, useful and lively as opposed to my original thoughts that it would be extremely boring.

The practical experience was much more useful and livelier than the common classroom teaching and one could gain much more from it. it also helped resolve certain courtroom myths.

The experience earned in these two months is one that shall help me throughout my life. The most important memories include friendly lawyers, inspirational and knowledgeable judges, the impressive library, the coolest co-interns and of course, the awesome coffee in the canteen!

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