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Internship Experience @ Zarir Bharucha and Associates, Mumbai: The firm that built me into a professional


Name, College, Year

Nisshtha, 5th year BBA-LLB student from Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

Organisation & Location

Zarir Bharucha and Associates, Raheja Chambers- Free Press Journal Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai


Finance, Banking & Maritime Law

Duration of the Internship

3 months (6 November, 2017- 6 February, 2018)

Internship recommended for

3rd- 5th year law students who intend to stay as long term interns.

How to apply

Send a precisely well-written resume to [email protected]

Job vacancy

The firm is currently looking to hire a banking associate. Freshers can apply by sending out their CVs

How to reach the office

Take the Free Press Journal route Bus from the bus stop opp. Beer Cafe, near Churchgate Station or if you prefer the share cab service, then get down at RBL Bank and walk towards the Free Press Road. Don’t confuse Raheja Chambers with Raheja Centre.


It is a private firm which deals in maritime and banking law and finance. It constitutes of two teams: Litigation and Non- Litigation. The Non- Litigation Team, headed by the banking partner of the firm, has three junior associates while the Litigation Team, headed by the firm’s founder and owner, has one junior associate and two senior associates.

The non-litigation team deals with finance, banking and taxation laws while the litigation team deals with admiralty, commercial and aviation laws. There is one paralegal and two assistants as well in the firm. Generally long term interns are preferred.

Office Structure

The office is on the 4th floor. It has one front desk office, a workstation, two cabins, a conference room, a dining room and two rest rooms.

Why I chose this firm

Being interested in corporate and international laws, I wanted to get acknowledged with how a corporate firm works in these matters. I personally believed that I had a lot to learn and my skills needed a lot of expert nourishment.

Internship & Work Pattern

Interns are selected either on application basis or through interviews. The ones selected through interviews are paid a stipend. There is no fixed type of work accorded to the intern, rather one’s dealt with like a part of the firm and is included in almost all the projects from both the teams.

There is no need for an intern to bring his own laptop. The work station is pretty spacious. I was provided a work space, a computer and an official email id for my work. The office generally opens at 9 in the morning but there are no fixed timings. The work hours can extend up to 2 at night. However on Saturdays, I used to get free by 5 or 6 in the evening.

First Day in the Office

I arrived at 9 in the morning after which I was asked to report to Zarir Sir- the head of the firm. Afterwards, I submitted my resume and contact details to my supervisor. Then I was accorded an official email id and a work space with a computer and desk.

My supervisor gave me a brief orientation about the process of the research and the formats of the firm for written submissions. Thereafter she gave me some reading material and RBI FAQs to study.

Kind of Work

The Non-Litigation part involved formatting business agreements, preparing summaries for financial deals, gathering legal documents for clients and assisting the seniors in proof- reading clauses of business agreements. The entire work required me to study Companies’ Act 2013, SARFAESI Act, Banking Regulation Act and Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code and all this was pretty useful in getting acknowledged with the actual working of a law firm.

The Litigation part involved working on cases related to maritime and commercial laws. I also attended admiralty proceedings in the Bombay High Court a few times. A lot of clerical work was also there like updating case laws and circulars on the office system, managing documents related to RBI, FEMA, SEBI etc and typing out the scanned documents. Since all the associates were quite helpful, it was a bit simple to provide useful and result oriented data.

Work Environment

While the work was never-ending, I always felt at ease. The firm is quite employee friendly. The associates were considerate, lenient and helpful. In fact, for the most part, they acted like mentors to me. That, according to me, can be considered as so far the best trait of that firm. The professionalism of the associates and the procedures of their work not just taught me how to work but also helped me nourish my language proficiency and legal aptitude.

There is also an extensive collection of books of law in the office. All the assignments gave me opportunities to use my legal skills. Regular active participation in group discussions and working for contractual deals taught me almost everything one needs to know about the work done in a law firm.

The associates helped me a lot with literally everything. (A small shout out to the ones who took time to read my literary work which had nothing to do with law). They used to involve me in discussions regarding legal matters and gave importance to my opinions and research. Most of the times I felt more like the firm’s employee rather than an intern and that helped me with my performance a lot.

Another thing which I will always appreciate about them is that I was never scolded or given negative remarks in case of mistakes or for lack of knowledge about something. Instead, they would explain to me my mistake and the ways to check it. That acted as a major morale booster for me and developed confidence which actually helped me with further assignments. The office assistants are also pretty sweet and helpful people.

In short, it’s that type of firm where one should intern for long term not just because of the knowledge but also because the intern’s work in that firm is not much differentiated from the associates’ work. In my opinion, it’s very important that the interns realize the actual work and the work pressure of a firm rather than just getting involved with the clerical or documentation work.

Break Time

There were no particular timings for break. The firm has a very nice dining setup. Outside the building, one can find several food stalls where the price of the food is quite nominal and the quality is also good. My personal favorite was the Dosa Centre which has an ice cream stall and a soft drinks bar as well.

Things for interns to keep in mind

Always arrive on time i.e. by 9:30 maximum; don’t insist to leave early and in case you want to take a day off, inform your supervisor or your senior in advance; get acknowledged with the firm’s format for writing summaries and formatting agreements and use that only; be very particular with your language;  prefer to communicate with the seniors through emails only (even during non-working hours); follow your deadlines strictly; the associates and the seniors are extremely learned and sweet people so no matter how introvert you may be, do indulge in discussions with them.


Nearest guest accommodations at a fair rent can be found at Marine Lines, Charni Road and Dadar West. Since the railway transport of Mumbai is quite simple for travelling, distance doesn’t matter. However, prefer not to stay beyond Dadar.

Places to chill nearby

The office is built in a location which is close to Colaba and Churchgate. Colaba is famous for its market and posh restaurants. That used to be my regular getaway after office hours. And also, it’s a straight road till the Gateway of India. And while going towards Churchgate Station, you would come across Beer Cafe, Burger King and Mad Over Donuts.

You can also take a straight turn to go upto the Marine Drive. Pizza by the Bay, located near Marine Drive, Churchgate; Chef’s Knife, located at the end of the Colaba Causeway and Leopold Cafe, located in the Colaba Causeway were my personal favorite places to eat and drink.



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