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Internship Experience @ WWF India, Hyderabad: Given lots of menial tasks, little environment law work


Editor’s note: Internship experiences are shared by individual law students and are ‘subjective’.

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

WWF-India, Hyderabad, 4-5

Application Process

The application process was through e-mail itself. I had gotten a reply with 3-4 days confirming my internship on mailing my CV.

You can send in a mail to Ms. Farida Tampal who is the State director for WWF. Her id is [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

May 23rd-June 20th in 2013 (4 weeks). Timings are from 9am-5pm. It is a 5-day week internship.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first impression was that the office was quite small. Now I hear that it has shifted to Banjara hills in Hyderabad which is a posh locality and with a bigger office.

I was introduced to the director by the person in-charge for interns later through the day and to the other staff members as well. I did not have much work on the first day.

Main tasks

You would be required to research on various environmental laws with respect to the projects that WWF is working on.

I researched on state acts related to environment and was asked to recommend amendments to it. there was a case going to the National Green tribunal for which I was asked to some drafting and so on.

The whole of 1st week unfortunately I did not work on anything law related and was asked to make a database for the sake of the office.

Work environment and people

The people are quite friendly. On my last day they treated me to a farewell lunch which was really nice of them.

Best things

I got a rough idea of environmental law. For one of the projects I visited the divisional officer, forest department for a couple of days to gather data for further research. So its not completely a desk job. I was given some WWF goodies on my last day as well.

Bad things

The non-law work I did in the 1st week was actually annoying since it was no where connected to what I was looking for.



Biggest Lessons

Always find out the kind of work you will be doing in an internship if you can, before feeling disappointed. In here, I felt interns were treated as a way to get the work done for the office without being paid!

I mean it in literal sense! (I filled refills in pens and such kind of work on few days!)

Any Other Thing

I think WWF has a good reputation and name so you can do it for that in the Hyderabad office. Work wise slightly disappointing. I think in Delhi and Kolkata offices the work is really good. So, apply there if possible!

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