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Internship @ West Bengal Human Rights Commission WBHRC, Kolkata : Lazy Work Environ, Little Work, No Stipend

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LSAT - Discover Law

Name of the organisation. City

West Bengal Human Rights Commission, Kolkata

How big was the office? Team strength? Size of office

The size of the office was not too big not too small; there were elevators but only to used by the officers.

The employees were co-operative and helpful, especially the Deputy- Registrar, Mr. Pradip K.Ray who received us cordially on the first day of work.

He introduced us to the Chairman of the Commission J. Ashok K. Ganguly and the other two members.

The Commission is a body to make recommendation to West Bengal Government and basically gave recommendations to the government only if requested. The Commission does not have any power of implementation.

Application procedure. Internship contact details 


They do not take more than 6-7 interns.

If they do not reply to your mail within two weeks, call them (contact number is there at their site).

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

21 days, from 10 am to 4 pm

Accommodation: how, where, how was it? 

Well, I stay in Kolkata, but they will not take responsibilities for your accomodation, the office is in Alipore (posh area) so accordingly manage your resources.

There is Ashutosh College about 20 minutes from WBHRC, so you would find PG facilities there.

First impression. First day, formalities etc. 

The Deputy- Registrar, Mr. Pradip K.Ray who received us cordially on the first day of work. He introduced us to the Chairman of the Commission J. Ashok K. Ganguly and the other two members, namely S.N Roy and N.C Sil.

Main tasks

We, practically had no work, just to had the recommendation files of the Commission and prepare a report.

I was writing a paper during that time, so I had to take permission from the Commission for that. However, two days of the week were looked forward to by everyone, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You might think why, those are not even weekends! On those two days, we used to have the hearings of the cases which came for recommendation in the Commission.

The persons concerned, that is the petitioner and the respondent would mostly be a government official. The hearings would be interesting in the sense that you can actually see J. Ganguly in his witty best, as he used to screw the public official by saying stuff like, “You have to open your police-cap and then salute.” And we used to roar with laughter.

Before the hearings, that is on Mondays and Wednesdays we were given the matter of the cases that were scheduled to be heard the next day. You could actually feel how A Raja might have felt when J. Ganguly delivered the 2G Judgment.

Work environment, people

Lazy, it was an government organization, that too recommendatory.

Best things?

Hearings and the hearings. I used to yearn for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Bad things?

Enough pros for WBHRC, now, coming to the cons, the other days were boring ( obviously studying files of recommendation cannot be the same feeling as you feel when you read Curtain) and moreover you not do get stipend (you do not do any work, so how can you expect to be paid salary!)

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues colleagues

Well we were basically all first years, so there was a lot of fun.

We used to gorge on street food (phuchka, dosa etc. etc.). there are a lot of cheap fast food joints and you have the Alipore District court, where you get stuff like ghugni( typically Bengali cuisine).

Stipend/ month

No stipend

Anything else you’d like to tell 

When I interned World Human Rights Day was just around the corner, and so we were busy with the organization’s function that was to be held at the High Court Centenary Hall.

We got to meet personalities like Chittaatosh Mukherjee and Altamas Kabir. So, if you intern there try to intern during the December vacations.

Biggest lessons 

Primary lessons of interrogation, and how to question a person based on reason.

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  2. Law Students have to know if they want to watch the proceedings in a Court, they can sit on the chairs meant for litigants. They cannot sit on the seats meant for Advocates. Those who don’t get any opportunity need not worry, if you are really interested you can ask any Advocate in your area to introduce him/her to the functioning of the Court. They can guide you. They will introduce to the Members of the Bar Association. You will know how to check the entries in Civil Diary or Criminal Diary to know the adjournment dates. How to file application in the Copy Department to get order copy, how to check the Stamps call for diary, strike off diary, Order copy ready diary etc.

    Those students who are studying in Law Colleges may contact any Advocate known to you or ask anyone of your relative to introduce you to the Advocate known to them. If you are serious and willing to practice, from the 1st year itself you have to contact Advocate known to you.

    Where there is a will there is a way. So sincere Law Students need not worry. Each and every Advocate may not give stipend at Trial Court level but Advocates interested on academic activities will definitely guide you. With the permission of Bar Association President or General Secretary you can utilize their Library to update your knowledge. By interacting with local Bar Association you will get more information. You can directly come to the Bar Association and introduce yourself. It is the best way. True and genuine Advocate will definitely guide young Law Students.

    When you are studying the Law take a decision to visit the local Consumer Forum, Dist or Mandal Legal Services Authority i.e. Lok Adalat or participate in Legal Awareness Programmes being conducted by District or Mandal Legal Services Authorities. Gradually your fear will be removed.
    If you are interested on human rights you may buy the books being published by the organizations like National Human Rights Commission visit the link : http://www.nhrc.nic.in/ ( for priced and no priced publications )

  3. hi….I’m a final year student of B.A LL.B from south Calcutta law college and I want to do internship at WBHRC..plzzz inform me how to apply for it..

  4. Hi, I am Niladri Sekhar Ghosh , Advocate High Court Calcutta, Willing to give my service as an advocate for your organization .. You can contact me in my Mb.No- 09748938123

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  8. Respected Sir,

    I want to be a member of West Bengal Human Rights Commission. In your website it is mentioned that request for membership will not be entertained. Is there any way to be a member? Please Suggest how to do it.


  9. After searching all the matters ( terms & condition ) in website,i am very much interested to join in your organisation as intern. I am a LLB student and permanently residing in kolkata. If you please advice me how to get the golden oppotunity,I will be very grateful to you.

    Jagajyoti Das

  10. I am kiran students of B.A.L.L.B and now I am doing 3rd year and I intend to do intership in Human right commission in kolkata at alipore . therfore I requested you please regard in this matter.

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  12. Respected Sir,

    I want to be a member of West Bengal Human Rights Commission. In your website it is mentioned that request for membership will not be entertained. Is there any way to be a member? Please Suggest how to do it.

  13. I am a 1st yr student of BBA(LLB) of KIIT Law School,Bhubaneswar.I intend to do internship in Human rights Commission or any renowned organisation in Kolkata in winter.Please guide me in this regard.

  14. Its a Government Organisation as well as Statutory Authority. Therefore,it is beyond any reasonable doubt that internship in such a prestigious place would surely mean a fairly good achievement in a law’s student’s career. But one thing which I need clarification about is that what is meant by “That too recommendatory.” Does that mean that a promising student with outstanding academic results but without any “so-called source and recommendation” is not even allowed to get an opportunity to become an intern there?…I need a satisfying answer, please.

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