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Harpreet Kaur

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Web Legal Education, London

Application Process

I found about its virtual internship programme on project cloud: Click HERE.

Today, I could not found the exact link about the virtual internship and also, their website is not working. STRANGE!

Their twitter account is HERE.

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Duration of internship and timings

2 months, it started on 20 August, 2013.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

When I checked the opportunity online, I was way too excited to work with a foreign company. I sent them my CV via email and I was asked to deposit 90 GBP in their bank account as fees for the internship programme.

Main tasks

My guide cum supervisor was Mr. Elliot Hammer. He told me that their company’s work is to provide global interns to various law firms in UK and US. Since, they are acting as middleman, they charge fees from both sides.

I was told that I will be working for an US law firm who want to upgrade their website and I will be writing articles about various US laws in a simplified form so that it will be easy for layman to understand it.

I used to get almost one week time for one article and I prepared articles on the topics like RICO, Alcohol laws, waivers under immigration laws etc.

It was interesting reading US laws and then writing its summary in simplified form. Elliot (he asked to call him Elliot only, since the word ‘Mr.’ according to him is used for Professors and sounds formal) used to give feedback on every submission and thereafter we used to discuss its loopholes and shortcomings via skype phone call and then he assigned me next task.

In the end, I was asked on work on an old US Bar Exam (which was like preparing a memorial for a moot court competition) and I got grades for that which were mentioned on my certificate.

Work environment and people

I had communicated with Mr. Hammer only. He was very nice and helpful. He used to explain things like a teacher.

Plus, many times we discussed how law schools are different in India and in UK and also, he told me about the differences in work culture is US and UK. He told me in UK, people are not much formal to each other and treat each other as friends while working irrespective of their age or experience unlike in US.

Best things

Great experience, you get to work for a foreign law firm and read their laws. Discussions after submitting my work was one thing I really used to look forward to.

Bad things

90 GBP fees which was almost 10,000 INR (including various taxes for an international transfer which were charged by Bank).

You could be asked to prepare article on any topic. I found writing an article on Immigration Laws pretty boring!



Biggest Lessons

Keep your mind open.

One should not restrict himself/herself and should always try to learn something new.

Any Other Thing

It is very good opportunity for those students who don’t want to or can’t travel abroad for an internship or summer/winter programme. It isn’t that cheap but pretty cheap than buying an air ticket (also, considering the value of INR in Global market).

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