Internship Experience @ VoxLaw, Mumbai: Improved My Drafting Skills

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Jaivardhan Singh

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

VoxLaw, Mumbai

Application Process

I applied through the email to one of the associates who forwarded my C.V to Partner. An Interview was conducted and results were declared then and there. The application process is quite simple. To apply for internship you can send your C.V to

Duration of internship and timings

2nd January – 31st March, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The Firm has wonderful office space in one of the best buildings in Lower Parel, Marathon Futhurex. There was as such no formalities on the first day.

One of the associates from the team of Indirect Taxation introduced me to all the Associates and Senior Associates.

It was very friendly environment there and everyone jelled up really fast.

Main tasks

Being a part litigation team I found the major task were research work and drafting.

The associates are very helping and they make sure that by the end of the day not only they get there work done from you but also that you are benefited in terms of learning a new thing.

The firm never hesitates in involving interns in any matter, how so ever high stake matter it is.

Work environment and people

Personally I liked the working environment a lot. People be like friends and everyone interacts a lot with each other, which makes any new comer very comfortable.

Most of the team members are really young and this is the reason they have great chemistry, share jokes and which makes the serious working environment a little lite.

People are great and loved working in the firm.

Best things

Don’t know from where to start. There are so many good things about the firm. I would say that interns get direct interaction with partners to discuss if there is any issue relating to matter you work on.

The Associates are very knowledgeable, even out of the office if you talk to them you get to learn a new thing about the profession.

Bad things

I think, to find a bad thing I have to work few more months so that I can find one.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

My biggest learning would be that I got to know about basics of working of lower courts as well as High Court and that I improved a lot on my drafting skills.

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