Internship Experience @ Vodafone Legal Cell, Lucknow: Rated 10/10, Look for Work on Your Own

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Zeb Hasan, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, 2015-2020

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Vodafone Legal Cell, Lucknow

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My dad worked for Vodafone for 24 years. He’s got good contacts there, so many that even after round about 10 years when I entered the office they greeted me well.

The head of the legal department was well verse with my dad, even though I was a first year student they let me take the job.

They had a lot of work for me to do. Drafting agreements for one thing.

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Duration of internship and timings

June – July, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Well it is said that the first impression is the last impression, So yes I reached at dot 9 A.M at the office for the first day. There were formalities for me to carry out, I had to get an Identity card made for job.

The rules there were pretty strict at Vodafone considering that it is a multi-national. Each door had an Identification machine that would scan your Card first. It was a huge building, the above two floors contained the Vodafone office.

Main tasks

Then after around 15 day he made gave me full-fledged agreements to write. Keeping in mind that I was a mere first year law student, he appointed a colleague to check the agreements I made.

They were all very supportive with everything and I had a great time there at work, I learnt a lot.

But unlike me, the other peoples experience may be different from mine. One thing that I would like to stress on is that whenever you go for an internship, you have to look for work on your own.

You have to ask for work, they won’t just on their own give you the job. You need to look for it and show interest on your own.

Work environment and people

The work place was amazing the people knew how to work in teams and were very co-operative with the new comers.

Best things

The best part was again the way they all supported me, they were so so-operative with me, this helped me learn so much. They made their interns very comfortable and that’s what helped us so much, because then you will never feel afraid to go and ask them questions.

Bad things

I did not find any bad things at all. Really nothing bad about Vodafone Legal Cell, Lucknow. You just have to be punctual.



Biggest Lessons

Even though my experience there was amazing and beyond that, I learnt so much.

But one thing that I learnt is that, if you go for an internship anywhere, you need to show interest that you are willing to work. Even though they don’t pay you.

You have to literally extract work from them. And you can not say NO. Of course don’t take any misbehavior. I meant you cant say ‘no’ to work.

Any Other Thing

I shared everything I experienced at the Vodafone legal cell, I interned in 3 more places before that but those were not firms.

Overall Rating



I stayed at home, The internship luckily was in my home town.

Office Timings

The office timings were from 9 am to 5 pm. They were strict with the timings, I remember one of the interns was late by just 10 minutes and was brutally rebuked by our head.

They gave us break for prayer, and considered that I’m a muslim.

Also it was the holy month of Ramadaan that I interned there, so they made special arrangements at 7 for the Iftaar of Muslims, where people of other communities were also invited.


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