Internship @ Virtue Resolute Legal (V.R. Legal), Pune: Great Work Opportunities, Performance Based Stipend

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office?

Virtue Resolute Legal (V.R. Legal), 1184/4, Fergusson College Road, Pune.

I was surprised to see that such a well-known law firm had a very simple office with no stylish or modern interiors, yet very organized and comfortable.

They have separate offices for different domains which gives their firm divided structure with several offices. They also have advocates for various specializations at Nasik Office and delivery centre at Mumbai.

Duration of the internship.

(March 2013 – September 2013) 7 months

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

I applied by emailing my CV to [email protected] and you can also find other details at

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

Six Days a week (except for the 2nd and 4th Saturdays).

The timings are 10.30 AM to 6.00 PM. All the interns had flexible timings and some were part-timers too.

First impression, first day, formalities

I was interning under Adv. Vikrant Shinde who is a Partner at the firm and looks after the Pune region. I felt he was very young to be a Partner but realized that he is the key person in the firm for Litigations and overall administration.

He called me in to understand my inclinations, my strengths and what I was interested in learning and explained how can I make the most of the internship. He happened to be the most helpful person and guided me right from how to handle the simplest  document.

The work is properly organized and delegated to the interns. I was surprised to see that Partners insisted more on learning of the interns than anything else and asked me to describe what I learnt every single day.

Main tasks 

The tasks were varied and mainly for the skill development of the interns. The drafting of Civil Suits, Divorce Suits were handed over to assess my abilities.

The real MOU/ Agreements were given to be worked upon which obviously had to be corrected by the Partner and send the same to the Client.

I was allowed to attend the Client meetings and listen to the discussions and thereby connect to the work given to me. I think variety in their work ranging from Civil, Criminal, Family, Corporate, Cyber, Property, Taxation, Consumer, little of everything under the roof was given to work on.

I was discouraged from forming watertight compartments in learning.

Best things? (Nothing is all bad)

The best thing is accessibility to the work and approachable partners for my queries. They really try to see how you will benefit from the Internship and not complete it for the sake of it.

I was challenged to find my solutions and no spoon-feeding was done.

Punctuality is taken seriously and i picked it up only during my Internship. I really felt I learnt much more than my classmates due to taking up a challenging path of interning with V.R. Legal rather than swankier law firms in Pune.

Bad things? (Nothing is all good)

You may miss the typical show-off of the big firms. The office is divided into several branches within the city so you don’t get to meet or interact with other partners you are not working with or the staff who plays pivotal role.

The parking can be a problem if you drive your own car. I personally chose to take my bike for convenience.

What did you do to chill?

The location is very good so you have CCD, Aroma Cafe, Mcdonalds, Yana Restaurant nearby. For everyday snacks, I visited popular South Indian joint ‘Hotel Niranjan’.

The famous Tea Shop ‘Trupti’ is downstairs so I could rejuvenate any time by taking small breaks. The Court is nearby so I saved a lot of time doing to and fro.

Stipend/ month

I was told that it was performance based and the performance was assessed categorically. I was given Rs.3500 whereas the fixed minimum is Rs. 2000/month.

Biggest lessons

Be independent and help yourself. The punctuality is very important and leaves a sharp impression. Keep learning every day.

I will rate my internship experience at V.R. Legal as 9/10.


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