Internship Experience @ Virag & Company, Advocates & Solicitors, New Delhi: Things I Learned Helped Me in My Curriculum

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Virag & Company, Advocates & Solicitor, Lawyer’s Chamber No. 611 , Rohini Court , New Delhi

Application Process

The most important step is to prepare a resume and then email it to [email protected] and do not forget to mention your purpose of contacting him in the subject .

Your mail must be precise and must reflect your personality.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned for four weeks from 1st July to 23rd July, 2014

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Mr. Virag Kumar Agarwal is a dynamic personality and is truly an amazing advocate. When I was selected for the internship I was asked to visit Karkaduma court in Delhi as he had some case over their concerning breach of contract .

I wore my casuals and was little late, so I stood at back of the court and he was arguing for his client it took him 15 mins to convince the judge and get the decision in his clients’s favor. Then I introduced myself and he asked me to follow him.

We then went to his chambers in rohini court. there we interacted and he assigned me work and explained me the whole schedule .

Main tasks

Research work regarding the cases. Since I was a 2nd year law student, I had no knowledge about civil as well as criminal cases just the basic tort and contract and little bit of IPC. The work assigned to me was very compatible and I learned a lot.

Assisting in the court room and preparation of the notes.

The work was mostly research based .

Work environment and people

Work environment was just amazing. The benefit in interning under a good advocate is that you will yourself feel like a professional, you will experience a sudden change in your personality.

Morning were usually dedicated to court hearings. He is quite an amazing advocate he had cases in almost every district court in Delhi so you will get a chance to visit each and every one of them. He had two more partners who will support you and help you in every possible way they can .

Tees hazari canteen serves the best food. 🙂

Best things

Not only you will learn legal provisions and have a great knowledge of court proceedings but you will also learn professional ethics and Mr. Virag Kumar Agarwal will always give you little knowledge about everything.

There will be tips not only about profession but also about how to sustain better life.

The things I learned over there helped me in my curriculum a lot and even helped me during my moot courts and client counselling.

Bad things

He had lot of cases so you have to run a lot and its quite difficult in the starting to understand the procedure but this problem will overcome within a week.


Knowledge and life lessons are the best stipend anyone could ever give to you.

Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson I learned is that you cannot be a good advocate if you love to rest and enjoy and just sit in your chair and play professional.

To be a good advocate you need to walk, run and work hard.

Not only legal knowledge is important but social knowledge is very important and every case is a fresh case and take it as if it is your first case.

All this was said to me by Mr. Agarwal.

Any Other Thing

In your college life, do intern under an advocate. Law Firm might pay you stipend but an advocate will always polish you with knowledge and the beauty of this legal profession will be consumed only when you get in the field.

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