Internship Experience @ Vijayesh Atre Advocates, Indore: Due Diligence Work, Lots to Learn

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Atisha Sisodiya

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Vijayesh Atre, Advocates 304, J.V. complex, 2/13 Race Course Road, Indore – 452001

Application Process

One can send a mail at with a cover letter and well-drafted CV.

Duration of internship and timings

The internship was four-weeks long; beginning on a Monday and terminating on a Friday. Interns are supposed to report officially at 10, and could leave at 5. Mondays to Fridays were working, and we had to come in on Saturday only if we had work or were called in specifically.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office is big, well furnished & air-conditioned and has a library and office cubicles. The library is equipped with good books on a variety of areas of law and is regularly updated.

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During the internship, I made extensive use of the library and spent a substantial part of my internship conducting research in the library on various provisions of Companies Act.

On the first day I was told to maintain a diary to fill my daily task record on the basis of which certificate will be issued in the end.

Main tasks

They give work consisting of conducting due diligence, drafting notices, agreements and conducting research with respect to The Companies Act 2013& 1956, Contracts Act of 1872, Civil Procedure Code of 1908, etc

They also give due diligence work which involves going through heaps of documents including everything from board resolutions to form filings. It’s quite useful as you actually learn quite a few things by getting acquainted with all the paper work that goes into a transaction and overall it will give you a better understanding of the transaction itself.

You may also be asked for your opinion on certain legal issues involved in the drafting of legal documents and agreements for the use of companies. During my period of internship, the firm mainly practiced Mergers & Acquisition cases and hence I assisted Sir in drafting of Scheme and research work, to deepen my knowledge about the same.

Work environment and people

The associates are very chill. They will never overburden you with any work but they are serious about the deadlines and the quality of work. They really appreciate sincerity and honesty towards your work.

The staff at the firm is extremely cordial and the only time I felt like an intern was when I received my certificate. Everyone is extremely helpful and appreciative.

Best things

Interns are treated really well. Interns and associates share a common working area which means that there is no scope for a communication gap.

You don’t need to run around for your certificate. A reminder one day before you leave is sufficient.

The learning experience combined with the relaxed environment makes it much easier to handle boring matters that one usually gets while working in a corporate law firm.

The biggest lesson I learnt here is that no work is small or big, it’s your willingness and your persistent nature that will be assessed.

There is a brilliant work culture, the work is great and comprehensive and interns are treated really well.
Everyone dines with each other during lunch hour. It is a really nice atmosphere; they do not discuss work at the lunch table.

Bad things


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