Internship Experience @ Vedanta Law Chambers, Jaipur : Saturday Classes, Strict Work Environment

So, at first it sounds a bit eeky to hear a law firm’s name in Jaipur because it has been a settled myth that you don’t have good law firms in this town.

Although being in the midst of big names like PKA associates, Chiramrit etc., this law firm, Vedanta Law Chambers, is trying to establish its name subtly.

The website is here. Email ID: for internship applicationsĀ [email protected]

The Experience is not at all how I expected it to be, I was hoping for some good for nothing *underdog* lawfirm, but once you get there, you get a nice hang of the professional environment.

They have a nice office, good location, strict though helpful bosses and what not. There are only a few associates, but hey that’s a nice thing; you get all the work directly under your fingertips, and ofcourse there are people to help you get through it.

Timings are exhaustive though fun to deal once you adapt it in your daily schedule, mine was 10 am to 7 pm.

It was a nice work setup with work mainly related to drafting agreements, deeds, preparing case compilations and many interesting things.

The best part of the internship was the Saturday classes, yes, classes where all the partners sit and ask the interns to prepare any topic on which a presentation or a small lecture is expected, but it turns out to be transformed into an extensive classroom lecture where you get to polish your concepts quite nicely.

You may get bored and tenious by rigorous work and scoldings but yes if you are in Jaipur and looking for a serious 4 weeks of paid headbanging, then yes, it is certainly better than the other options available.

Pros: Saturday Classes, nice Office, variety of laws to be dealt, professional environment, unlimited coffees (that’s what law students live on), stipend, work culture, nice client list.

Cons: Strict, get a scolding for anything attitude, no leaves.


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