Internship @ Vakils Associated, Hyderabad : Good Work, Stipend of Rs. 2000

Name of the intern: Parikshith Kutur, Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad

Place of internship: Vakils Associated, Hyderabad

How big is the office? Office is a mid sized law firm. There were about 15 lawyers.

Process of application:  I applied for the internship through the email id which was there on the website:

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Duration/timings : The duration of my intership was for the period of 5 weeks. The office timings are from 9.30 to 6.30. You have to work for 6 days a week. But alternate Saturdays are a holidays.

Main tasks: Mostly you will be entrusted with research work on various areas of law. You are expected to make notes of the work and research which you do and revert back to the person who has assigned you with that work.

Its either partners or associates who will entrust you with work. Apart from that I was also told to make notes on the FEMA circulars and I was exposed many other areas of law like Stamp act, Companies act Cr.P.C. As per their requirement they tell you to work a particular area and you are expected to do the same.

Work environment/people: The Partners at Vakils Associated give you enough work to keep you busy. But I can assure that they will never over burden you with work. people in the firm are very friendly and they really willing to help.

The firm is divided into litigation and non litigation departments. So, as per your interest you ask the senior partner to allocate you with work. One thing which I can assure you you will have a nice environment in the office.

Good things: Very friendly nature of the people working in firm. Shareen Baria mam who is a senior partner of the firm is a very nice person.

The conversations which were had at the time of the lunch.

Bad things: Sometimes you need to wait to get a computer to type out something and you are not allowed to use your personal laptop though you have one. I understand Client information is at stake etc.

Fun things: Sadly , when I was doing my Internship i was alone in the firm i had no co interns so, the peer group was missing to have fun. But fun things could the birthday celebrations in the office and the treat which you get on those days are awesome and kick ass !!

Stipend/ month: I got a stipend of 2000

Biggest lessons: The Partners in the firm are very humble and good to the interns.

If you are from first year or second year then this is a very good internship to do. Because people out in this firm are willing to teach you and help you.

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