Internship Experience @ Ungender, New Delhi: Learnt to File RTIs, Loads to Learn

Name of the Intern

Rohit Iyengar


Internship opportunities are instrumental in gaining hands-on experience, as well as in preparing a person for life beyond college.

Before my internship at Ungender began, the most I hoped for was to be able to improve my researching and writing skills. The actual experience I had was so much more than what I had hoped for.

The Ungender team comprised of Ms. Pallavi, Ms. Esha and Ms. Anuradha.

Work Environment

The environment at the workplace was extremely professional, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of ease of working. All the members of the team were extremely helpful and cleared any doubts I had, at the earliest possible.

Ungender is an organisation that focuses on workplace compliance regarding issues such as sexual harassment and maternity. On my very first day, the nature of work that was being done, as well as the objectives that they sought to achieve were explained to me.

Internship Experience

The first few days were spent in getting to know the law and trying to dig up certain cases, relating to sexual harassment at the workplace and maternity benefits in India. Following this, I had to tabulate previously received RTI responses regarding the implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013.

In order to know the current situation of the governmental compliance with the Act, further RTIs were to be filed. In drafting these applications and trying to dig out the addresses of the officials they were to be sent to, I was able to learn a lot, as I had no previous experience with such work.

Following this, I started regularly writing articles on issues that I previously had no knowledge about.

However, the guidance I received in understanding exactly what was required from each of the articles helped me form a clear picture of the shape that the article was expected to take.

Despite knowing very little about certain issues before I wrote, speaking to Ms. Pallavi about the issues to be addressed, as well as researching on them, helped me tremendously in learning more about the issues

All in all, the experience was one where I learned a lot. I learned the manner in which RTIs are filed, as well as the formats that are to be followed in each case.

I also learned how to research faster and find what I am looking for in a much more efficient manner. Most importantly, I learned how to write better and make sure that what is written reflects what I intend it to show.

My internship experience was most enjoyable, and I was able to learn an incredible amount during the month I interned. The environment for working was extremely professional.

Further, everyone was very helpful and ensured that any doubts I had regarding a certain issue were quelled as soon as possible.

Most importantly, I was able to understand the intricacies of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013, and the Maternity Benefits Act, 1961.

I would recommend this internship to anyone who wants to learn a lot, not just at the theoretical level, but also the practical.

What I appreciated the most about the entire experience is that I was able to learn more each and every day.

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