Internship @ Udwadia, Udeshi & Argus Partners, Bangalore: Not ‘Just’ an Intern

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners, Bangalore. Office was situated at Bharat Apartments, Fairfield Layout, Racecourse Road.

The office at Bangalore is involved in both Litigation as well as corporate work. It was spacious enough to house the present workforce.

Duration of internship

June 14- July 12 (4 weeks)

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details.

I managed to secure the internship by sheer luck after being acquainted with an associate there who was kind enough to get me in there for a month. Otherwise drop an email at – this should serve the purpose I believe.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

5 days a week, however office is open on Saturdays as there are litigation matters. By 10 a.m you are supposed to be present in the office although people are really nice and even if you are 10-15 minutes late due to some unavoidable circumstances it is unlikely that all hell would break loose.

By 6.30 pm people may start to leave, however it all depends on the workload. If there is work you may stay back, otherwise you can leave. Timings are not really the USP of Udwadia, Udeshi & Argus, and it should not be also.

Finish your work as soon as possible, and do it in an impeccable manner- that’s the bottom line – No, Stone Cold Steve Austin has not said it here but that is pretty much the manner in which the firm works.

First impression, first day, formalities.

Coming to the critical points and possibly the best points-Formalities- zero, (apart from the formals that you are supposed to wear I believe.)

The entire office seemed to radiate a warmth (notwithstanding the fact that the office has wood finished floors) akin to a hangout of a small joint of friends sharing a tale or two over few cans of beer.

I felt really happy as I had never seen such an atmosphere at any law firm where people are always laughing, pulling a prank or two, sharing lunch and can even have frivolous fights over not sharing equal proportions of the lunch.

Main tasks

There would be both litigation as well as non litigation work at Udwadi Udeshi & Argus. You maybe asked to present/submit before the Judge (yes, trust me that’s the level of exposure you get, and kudos to the faith that the firm reposed on me, being just an intern) and file opposition version, take out order sheets from Court office, or talk to police in order to know there course of action in criminal cases.

Basically, you would never feel that you are ‘just’ an intern, but almost an integral part of the workforce. That adds responsibility to your work as well as excitement.

Coming to the research work, the subjects may range from corporate to family, case laws, and by that you are made to cover a plethora of topics and you feel content to the brim.

udwadia udeshi argus bangalore internship

Work environment, people

As already said, this certainly was the first of the kind of an internship that I had done in my 4 years of law school.

People rarely had grumpy faces or why-so-serious looks, and were always in the mood to crack a ‘good one’ at someone in the lunch table (we had lunch together) or maybe target the intern once a while for the pranks.

There are many incidents I can recount and relive as those were moments which really helped me overcome the gloom of travelling in
Bangalore or maybe a not-so-sumptuous breakfast.

People were really friendly at Udwadia, Udeshi & Argus and always willing to listen to your queries patiently and answer them to the best extent possible. Online case records databases were a pretty handy tool and there is a separate workstation dedicated for that. I had my own cubicle and absolute freedom while working on my own laptop.

The best things AND the bad things

Well it is often said there are no ‘free lunches’ but yes there are if you are interning at UUArgus, Bangalore. There is an associate who is the legendary figure of the firm who got lunch for me while coming from the Courts.

However do not expect that anytime you go for as I said he is a legend and you have to match up to that phenomenal status in order to be eligible (and I guess I was :P).

On a more serious note, the magnanimous facet is that generally interns are not offered stipends but here, instead of that you have loads of value addition to your knowledge bank and free lunches.

Bad things, well zero apart from the fact that if you are a reserved, introvert sort of a person you may face problems of not knowing how to gel well with the liberated culture of the firm.

However, with the awesome people around you it will be just a matter of time before you understand the customary greetings and be in complete sync with the behavioral ethics of the firm.


Who needs stipend when you come back with so much knowledge and experience.

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

I stayed around 8-9 kms away from the office at a place called Lingarajapuram. However there are loads of PG around the place, Vasanthnagar being one such area at a stone’s throw away from the office. The office was the place where I chilled out or sometime met up with friends during the weekend over a movie or lunch.

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