Internship Experience @ Tulsi Gramodyog Seva Samiti, Lucknow [NGO]: Teach Students from Slum Areas

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Tulsi Gramodyog Seva Samiti, Vikaas Nagar, Lucknow [NGO]

Application Process

I have submitted my Curriculum Vitae and appeared for an interview in the Internship & placement committee of My university on the basis of it I have been selected in the first list of the students to be placed for internship through the committee.

The Committee sent my all details to the NGO and I was selected.

Head Office: 2/556, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow, U.P., India

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Branch Office: H.No : 2-2, 1107/C/122, Flat No. – 503, Rohini Chamber’s, Tilakhnagar, New Nallakunta, Hydarabad, A.P., India

Email :

Duration of internship and timings

29th December, 2014 – 7th January, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was the first time when I went out to work as a employee somewhere so firstly I was very nervous and before reaching I was expecting that the NGO must be in the big buildings and full of employees but when I reached there I found that the NGO was in a Bungalow.

When I entered I told them about me and submitted my internship letter given by the committee and then I had words with the manager about the NGO and then she allotted us with the task.

Main tasks

The main task which we were allotted with was teaching the students of slum area and making them as well as their parents aware about their rights, laws and policies are there for them by different method through effective speeches, presentations,and audio-visual etc.

Work environment and people

The environment was fair enough to work as in these places we our-self has to create environment friendly and sustainable for us. As we had to work in the slum areas so the people were uneducated and unhygienic but these things becomes irrelevant and unreasonable when we really need to work.

The staff was also helpful and kind enough to guide us in the field and in the work as well after being so busy in their work.

Best things

The best thing was that by working for such an NGO which works in the field of woman and child welfare so I got exposed to the problem of the poor children and women and and determined to work as stupendous as I can, all these things opened my mind.

Bad things

During my internship period what I found was that the process in which the NGO was old and boring as well as unattractive and some of the workers were unjust to their task .



Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson what I have learnt is that name and the location is important for any organization to work properly but it doesn’t mean that if any organization doesn’t have standard facilities so they can not do much. It needs desire and and will to help other or do something for others. We cannot solve the problem until we do not try to solve it .

Any Other Thing

While working, I got to know about my special skills in planning, effective ideas and reasoning etc.

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