Internship Experience @ The Hindu, Chennai: A welcoming and enriching internship

Name. College. Year of Study:

Abhirrami Dharmaraj. National Law University, Odisha. 1st Year.


4 weeks

Application Procedure:

I applied through the Sports Editor, at the Chennai Office. Their response to emails is quite fast.


My internship comprised of a variety of tasks bundled up into a four week internship. The fact that it was a limited experience is the only thing I’d be a little disappointed about.

My work at The Hindu mostly comprised of editing, writing bylines, columns and picking out pieces from the wire (desk job for the first two weeks) and interviewing, reporting and covering events, for the latter half of the internship.

Staff & Co-interns:

Interning with The Hindu was a welcoming and enriching experience. All the staff and my co-interns were very accommodating.


There was no stipend. Another problem was that I was told that the legal department of The Hindu does not take interns.

It might be unhelpful for someone, say, in their third year of Law School: since most of the work there is non-law related.


I definitely would recommend an internship with The Hindu for someone who’s starting off at law school,  since it provides an air of a corporate environment along with having to keep busy in a 9-5 setting.

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