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Internship Experience @ The Advocate General of Kerala Camp Office, Ernakulam: They knew our limits and tried to push us out of our comfort zone

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The Advocate General of Kerala Camp Office, Ernakulam, team of 4.

Application Process with contact details

I had applied to this internship by means of recommendation from a close relative of mine.

Duration of internship and timings

15th May, 2015 to 1st June, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day I had to wait at the lobby for an hour or more to see the Advocate General. It’s then that I realized that he was a very busy man. There were lots of case bundles in the lobby itself and I was shocked to the fact that the government actually has so many cases and wondered how they would dispose it all off.

After my long wait in which I made acquaintances with the office staff who introduced me to the visitors who came to meet the AG and ended up waiting in the lobby, I was finally called for. The AG briefed me on what I was expected to do and gave me a case bundle to read until the government pleader who was in charge of me came by.

When she came I was called in again and put under her guidance. She took me to the camp office with her and inquired about which all subjects I had studied. She was in a dilemma because it was my first year and I hadn’t been taught much law subjects. She appeared to be very sweet and encouraging but you could easily figure out that she was a no nonsense person.

She took the case which the AG had given to me to read and replaced it with a simpler case that was due for judgement. I sat in the office and read the case files as much as I could. She told me how is it that you should read a case file and since it was a weekend the day after she sent me off with the case file I was reading and another case file for homework.

Main tasks

The main task that was assigned to us was to follow a case. We would be given a case file and asked to read it for the next day. The next day when the case is being heard we would have to record all the happenings and after the hearing we would be called in for a discussion.

During the discussion period we would discuss the hearing and critically analyse it. The stand point of the government, the stand point of the other parties, the rules associated, the shortcomings in the rules, what the government actually wants, if any facts were used, etc. would be discussed and we would be asked to give our opinions, ideas, criticism, etc.

The next day we would have to submit a report inculcating all of these. The case was to be followed until the judgement.

Work environment and people

The work environment was very friendly. The government pleaders, the staff, were really friendly with us. They knew our limits and tried to push us out of our comfort zone without overwhelming us. The government pleaders in charge of us really made it a point that we start thinking out of the box. They were very patient with us and used to sit and explain all the cases in utmost details.

When in the court for hearing they would make us sit with them so it was helpful to grasp things better and also we felt very protected and like we were one of them. They also used to take us to very famous enquiry commissions that they went to which was indeed a different experience for me.

Best things

The best thing about this internship was the amount I got to learn from it. The government pleaders were really supportive of us and I never felt left out. They strove to give us the maximum of the experience and it was very well achieved.

Bad things

I don’t really have a bad thing as such to point out. It was overall a very good experience for me.



Biggest Lessons

It wasn’t all the law that I learned, it was more about how the government worked and the actual insides of the government which we fail to recognise and we just simply sit and complain about the government.

Also I learned how to look past the face of a law to the actual matter. Like they say you need to know the law well in order to break it. I learned that over here that only if you analyse and know the law well will you be able to get around it.

Overall Rating



I stayed at my relatives’ place.

Office Timings

The office timing was the usual court timing. But we didn’t have a stipulated time. Though the court hearings would stop around 4 we would have to stay back for discussions and all other work till 6 or so. We used to come early too but that was basically out of our courtesy than the compulsion that was put on us.


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