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Internship @ Tempus Law Associates, Hyderabad: Lots of Varied Work, Warm People, No Stipend But a Logo-ed Bag


Name: Pabitra Dutta, ILS Law College, PuneIII BSL LLB.

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Name of the organization: Tempus Law Associates, Hyderabad. Website is here.

Duration of the internship: 20th October-18th November 2013.

No. of days/week: 6 (Alternate Saturdays are holidays). Timings: 10 am to 6 pm (minimum) .

How big was the office? Not very big. Moderate team of around 10 lawyers.

Application procedure: Through CV.

Internship contact details: Ahalya Raswan is the HR personnel.

The CV may be sent to her at [email protected].

A reply comes in generally one month prior to the period that has been applied for

Accommodation: PGs and hostels are available at reasonable rates in a 2 km radius around the firm. (The firm is around 10 kms away from the main city of Hyderabad).

First impression: The HR gave a warm welcome and asked me to have a seat in the conference room. There I was told to sign a NDA, after which I was explained about the working of the firm in brief.

Then I was introduced to all the partners, associates and other employees of Tempus Law Associates. I was shown my cubicle and was given my Tempus ID. I was then off to work almost immediately.

Main tasks: My work revolved around drafting compliances forms for Companies and LLC’s.

Every intricacy of a company, right from its incorporation to its winding up was dealt with. I also had to work on Licenses and Trademarks.

Further, a few marriage (it being a huge niche’ in itself) related cases were also given to me. LLC’s in USA and Australia were also incorporated.

Arbitration was an interesting an unexpected add on.

Work environment: Very nice people indeed. Warm down to Earth. Considered me as their peer instead of the small legal intern who knows nothing about anything. Explained me stuffs, even after repeated pestering!  

Best things: If you really want some work big time, Tempus Law, Hyderabad is the place where one would want to be. There was only one day in my entire internship period, where I did not have any work (being jobless is actually quite pathetic, unlike contrary opinions).

Bad things: The Tea. It needs to improve big time. 

What did you do to chill: Some days went out the associates to have Lunch. Also, Hyderabad is an awesome city in its own right. Many thing are there to be explored. The Hyderabadi food is quite nice and is actually tasty and CHEAPER!!

Stipend/month: All stories don’t exactly have a happy ending. No stipend. But Tempus did give me cool bag with their logo on.

Biggest Lesson: “No one is indispensible”.

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  1. I believe that interns are paid upto INR 7500 based on their performance. Personally speaking, i was paid INR 6000 for the work that i had done at Tempus. Most interns are paid around INR 5000 though.



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