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Internship @ Tatva Legal, Hyderabad: Good Work From First Day, No Stipend


Name. College. Year of Study

Ashima Ohri. Law Centre-1, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Third Year

Name of the organization. City

Tatva Legal. Hyderabad

Duration of the internship

Four Weeks (July ’13)

How big was the office? Team strength?

The office is located at Jubilee Hills and the area is known for its classy locale. The office is not very grand yet is reasonably sized.

There are cubicles with glass doors for Partners and Managers and a floor where all  the associates sit. The office has a nice reception with plush couches for employees to sit and read newspapers before it kicks into action at 10:00 am sharp.

The total strength of the office would be roughly 25 people with 4-5 interns in addition, enrolled every month.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

The application procedure is very simple. You send in an email with your CV to [email protected], who is a senior associate and looks after the internships as well.

You can expect a reply within 20 days of your applying.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

Four weeks, five days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Although, you can be asked to stay back till 9 p.m. if there is a deadline to be met for some work. This is relaxed for girls who stay far away.

An hour long lunch break is given in the afternoon.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I stayed at my own house there but a couple of other interns had taken up accommodation at PGs in Madhapur which is 15 minutes away by auto from Jubilee Hills.

The PGs are said to be comfortable and available under 10k .

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

There is no less work on the pretext of the ‘First Day’. One can expect good work to start pouring in from day 1 but the office is rather friendly.

Everyone at Tatva Legal can be seen chilling with each other while doing a lot of work. Someone usually takes the interns around to introduce them to each and everybody in the office on their first day.

A notepad and the required stationery are also provided by the office to the interns.

All interns get proper places to sit and work. There is one laptop always available for someone whose desktop is occupied, so there is really no way to cut work.

tatva legal internship, hyderabad, law firm

Main tasks (in detail)

There is no division of departments as such. All interns are expected to work on everything. It is an all services legal firm so whatever project requires research is passed on to the interns.

Tatva Legal Hyderabad follows a good policy of not overburdening anyone with a lot of work. The work is equally divided among all interns alike and if an urgent piece of work needs to be done then the assignment one is already working on is asked to be put aside. That way all the work is not to be submitted at the same time. Enough time is given for all the work.

In my time there I worked on Company Law, Electricity Laws and due diligence of a company. I was also introduced to some drafting which was basically putting a draft into a set format of Articles of Association.

Work environment, people

The people at Tatva Legal are extremely nice. Everyone is so polite and always available to clear any doubts about the assignment given to you.
A typical morning at the office starts with tea/green tea or coffee and some reading up of news.

There are no places to chill as such but one can always interact with the Associates and feel them on career advises or how to go about the work given by senior associates, partners etc., in the office.

Best things? (Nothing is all bad)

One can ask for an extension of the internship by a week or so if one feels the need. Also luckily it is not frowned upon if you fall sick and take a day off by informing the concerned person in advance.

The office also has nice coffee places around. If you carry the lunch with you then they have the provision of heating food in microwave.

The office also stacks up on biscuits of various kinds to munch.

Bad things? (Nothing is all good)

There is no cafeteria in the office and one is expected to carry food or go out for lunch.

It rains heavily in Hyderabad for most part of the year so going out of office is slightly a pain sometimes.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

There is not much time to chill but all the interns sit together so casual discussions and brainstorming on assignments is a healthy practice around there.

Stipend/ month

There is no stipend given at Tatva Legal, Hyderabad. Although, you earn a lot by learning from the good work that you are assigned.

Anything else you’d like to tell

Sometimes there are update sessions about new SC/HC judgments and laws.

Interns get a good experience of presenting cases with all other senior members of the organization along with all partners in the conference room.

Biggest lessons

Picked up a lot from everyone working there and also from co-interns.

It will be better to not compete with your fellow intern friends and in fact help each other with the work so one learns something each time even if the work is assigned to the other.

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  1. hi , dis is sravanthi
    i completed my llb in 2019 from kakatiya university with 72%
    present im trying for a legal associate jobs in hyderabad .
    can diz internship works for my developing new skills in legal knowledge
    how diz course works for my career development

  2. Can a student who is still pursuing LLB and have not completed yet, get internship at Tatva Legal?

    1. Yes you can , though it might take some time for the approval to come . But they have certain procedure for the interns according to your perusing year.

    CONTACT NO: 09618036712

    EMAIL ID: [email protected]
    To acquire internship opportunity in a reputed firm and gain practical exposure in law field where I can use my analytical and research skills.
    Pursuing BA.LLB from Pendekanti Law College.
    Worked as an intern at State Human rights commission and Right to Information commission
    Knowledge of law
    Analytical thinking
    Ability to learn quickly
    Positive attitude
    Good working knowledge of Microsoft word
    Time management skills
    Analytical and reasoning abilities
    Good communication skills
    Good in typing and web browsing
    Date of birth: 21-12-1992
    Languages: Hindi, Telugu, English
    Address: 15-6-267, Kolsawadi
    Begum bazar, Hyderabad

  4. i need internship in photography for one month dec 3rd to jan 3rd in hyderabad what is process am nw studying bsc viscom 3rd year

  5. what lies.. It hardly rains in Hyderabad..
    Also, people should stop trying to earn brownie points with firms/associates by writing reviews.

    1. I m not sure about the rains in Hyderabad but I totally agree with every thing else that has been shared in this internship experience. I have interned at Tatva, Hyderabad twice and I would say without a doubt that Tatva is one of the best places to intern if you are interested in corporate laws. The best part of interning there is that almost everyone in Tatva is open to meaningful suggestions on any draft without a single ego issue and if they find you to be interested enough they would further educate you on the subject of the assignment.
      And Ma’am/Sir I am sure you have not interned at Tatva Legal, Hyderabad so please experience it yourself first (if you are still in college) and then comment on somebody’s intentions of sharing an internship experience.



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