Internship Experience @ The Office of Mr. Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament: Prepare Drafts of Public Speeches, Research Work

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The Office of Mr. Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament.

Application Process with contact details

Through email. No process as such.

Mr.Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament.

Duration of internship and timings

1st May, 2015 to 30th May, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

No formalities were there as such. Very friendly environment.

Main tasks

1. To prepare the draft for the public speeches, conferences, Parliament address.

2. Research work for India China friendship front.

3. Keep record of the meetings with media, ministers, bureaucrats

Work environment and people

Very friendly. Mr. Vijay was not at all strict. Would take put for lunch and musicals etc.

Best things

Get to visit parliament. Parliament library, president house. Meet ministers.

Bad things

Long hours of work.



Biggest Lessons

Stay humble. You will gain heights.

Overall Rating



Guestroom of the Bungalow of the Member Parliament.

Office Timings

9.00 am to 10 pm. No, timings were not strict. It totally depended on the work load and the Parliament session.

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