Internship Experience @ Suvan Law Advisors, Mumbai: Healthy Mix of Litigation and Corporate Work


Preeti Kapany, Government Law College (4th Year)

Name of Organisation, Location

Suvan Law Advisors, Mumbai

Office Timings

9:30 AM to 8 PM

Procedure for application

You can apply for an internship by sending in your CV along with a cover letter to preferably 6 months in advance.

How to get there

The office is located in Embassy Centre at Nariman Point, very close to the Securities Appellate Tribunal, which is an instant plus point.

There are regular share cabs from Churchgate Station that can drop you right outside the building so it’s quite convenient.

Practice Areas

Very diverse including Regulatory and Investment law, Dispute Resolution, Corporate law and Advisory practice.

Main tasks

Right from my first day, I got varied and quality work relating to Insurance laws, Company Laws and SEBI Regulations.

Interns contribution is valued and given due importance. I got diverse tasks not just limited to researching, but also assisting in drafting legal opinions and applications to tribunals.

They have frequent matters at the Securities Appellate Tribunal, so there’s a healthy mix of litigation and corporate work.

Work environment and people

Friendly atmosphere and co-operative associates. Partners are approachable and willing to guide you in your tasks.

They don’t just focus on getting the work done, but genuinely make the experience fun. You’ll get extensive research work on one hand but it comes with its own perks.

Good part

It has a great balance between good work and interaction with everyone in the firm.

There are regular conference meetings involving the Partners as well as the Associates which interns are also made a part of.

So you don’t end up being hesitant before asking doubts to your seniors and at the same time are abreast with the recent legal developments.

Bad part

The Partners have previously worked with SEBI and the extent of knowledge that they bring to the firm and share with you should make up for anything that you don’t like.

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