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Internship @ Suri & Co., Law Firm, Delhi : Research based Work, Friendly Work Enviro, No Stipend


Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office?

Suri and Company Law Firm, Delhi
Sujan Singh Marg, New Delhi

The office was situated in Sujan Singh Marg which is directly opposite Khan market. It was very conveniently located in the centre of the city and was a two minute walk from Khan market metro station on violet line.

The office was in an apartment form with 3 big floors. One was for the Corporate team, one for the Litigation division and one for reception, Partners offices, conference rooms, etc.

The corporate team had about 12 lawyers and the litigation team had around 15 lawyers. apart from that there were around 15 staff members.

Duration of internship

One month

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

You can apply by emailing your CV and desired internship period to [email protected] or [email protected].

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

I did a one month internship where i was required to come to office from Monday to Friday

Timing were from 9:30-7:00 but the associates were pretty liberal with timings. You could come in by 10-10:15 and leave by 6:30 (if you had no work till then), however you were required to inform the associate in case you were planning to take a leave or half day.

First impression, first day, formalities

On the first day the training head took me for a tour around the office. She showed me where everything was and introduced me to everyone who was in office at that time. I interned under the  litigation division so almost all associates were in court at that time. I met them later when they all came.

The associates were all very welcoming and friendly. They did a little chit chat and went back to work.

I was not supposed to work under just one specific lawyer so all associates/ partners could give me work when needed.

Main tasks

My main task was to help all lawyers in their research. I was summoned when needed and given loads of research work on various topics like Indian Stamp act, Income Tax act, Indian Contract act, Companies act etc. I was asked to find Judgments using Manupatra, SCC etc.

It was my first internship so I learnt a lot as the associates would take time to explain a new thing to me as many times as I needed. So its a great place for a newbie to intern.

The firm allowed you to go to any Court you wanted to. The good part about this firm was that they dealt with all courts. Sr Advocate Mr Rupinder Suri dealt with SC and HC and rest with tees hazari, consumer redressal forum, patiala house, saket and dwarka district court.

Work environment, people

I loved the work environment. The associates were friendly and smart.

They would regularly come and chit chat with you and give you work.

The firm had a dining room where all associates, staff and interns would have lunch together.

Staff was nice and would provide you with steaming cups of coffee, tea or lemonade whenever u needed.

All interns were provided a specific table to sit and work.

The best things AND the bad things

The best thing was that the office was a minute walk from Khan Market.

We could go out to chill at any time (if you had no work) and come back with our stomach full and pocket empty 😀

Having Khan Market in the vicinity and CP 10 minutes away provided endless dining options and hangout places. The wifi at the office was amazing and pretty fast with absolutely no restrictions so we could cover up our dull moments in office by facebook-ing or watching videos online.

I remember downloading movies in less than an hour too.

The bad things were that you had to ask for work sometimes or you would end up sitting idle. Also, no stipend.


No stipend.

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

We went to Khan market or CP to chill. The office also had a smoking Zone where you would end up standing next to associates talking and sharing a smoke.

I am from Delhi so I used to Commute to office via metro which is very convenient. otherwise there were good PGs around Lajpat Nagar.

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  1. can anyone provide with the contact no. The contact nos. available on website are unanswered.

  2. You should see their corporate section. The quality of inefficiency shocked me. One associate didn’t even know that SEBI existed and that it published regulations (read GG here) and he was still stuck with CCI (Controller of Capital Issues) of the distant past.
    The firm is a primary example of hierarchical firm making. Its ok if you want your family members in your thriving law practice, but to turn it into a successful law firm you need to have genuinely competitive family members (read ma and beti).
    Lastly, being a law firm and all, it runs from a residential complex and whenever the Delhi Municipal Corporation comes to check on them, they switch off the lights, lock themselves inside and talk in whispers for an hour (Monthly Routine). Reflects a lot about the firm as its law locks itself inside a cosy house monthly 😀
    I have started losing hope in such internships. Seriously.

    1. Everybody is entitled to their opinions. However, comments like the one above are ridiculous. You have given such elaborate description of how Suri & Co. is a family firm. However, you forgot to mention that maximum Partners in the firm do not carry the surname ‘Suri’. Also, isn’t Hierarchy a part of every organisation/unit/institution you go? (if you know what the term hierarchy means, that is. :p)

      I interned at Suri & Co. in January 2013. As the review reads the environment at the office is really friendly. You get good work, provided you are willing to work. The Associates as well as the Partners are readily available to solve the queries that interns may have. Unlike a lot of other places, you are introduced to all the people around so that you know who does what work and how things work in the firm. And the best part about the place is that your efforts/work is acknowledged by all.
      So there is no reason one must ‘lose hope in such internships. Seriously!’ 😀



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