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Internship Experience @ Surana and Surana International Attorneys, Chennai: Learnt a lot about the back-end work

Intern Details

Priyamvada J, BA LLB, Final Year, BMS College of Law, Bangalore

Name of the firm, location, strength of the team

M/s. Surana and Surana International Attorneys, No. 61 – 63, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. The firm has very large team strength as it includes corporate, corporate-real estate, Intellectual Property and Litigation teams and a supporting management team, administrative team, IT team etc.

Accommodation and stay will not be a problem for non-localites as there are many paying guest accommodations and guest houses in the vicinity with reasonable rent.

Application Process

Applications along with the CV and cover letter should be sent via email to [email protected] or [email protected]

The firm is very prompt in replying to emails, and reply will be received within few working days.

Duration and timings

4th July – 3rd September, 2016. 2 months.

Timings: 9.30 am to 7.00 pm is the official timings, though you are allowed to stay back and work if you want to.

First Impression, Formalities and Infrastructure

The infrastructure is quite simple on the outside but very professional on the inside. The building is quite spacious with 4 floors and many conference rooms, an entire floor of work area and even has a pantry attached to it.

The first impression is an excellent combination of simplicity and professionalism. The first day was dedicated to completion of formalities like signing the NDA, introduction to the work area, introduction to corporate protocols like creation of biometric access to work area, access to the system, creation of internal ID, etc and introduction to the team.

People are quite friendly and make interns feel welcome and comfortable.

There is access to all possible databases and other necessary facilities to work in a comfortable manner and also to enhance the efficiency of work.

Main tasks

It depends on who you report to and what cases they work on. My major work was on arbitration and appeals therefrom, civil, consumer cases, and an exposure to criminal law and also Intellectual Property.

The major tasks allotted were research, drafting, filing etc and as an intern, I also had an opportunity to attend briefing meetings and Court observation.

Work environment and people:

The work culture in the firm is very professional and systematic, but people are quite friendly, supportive, encouraging and helpful. I found the people simple, humble and down to earth as well, especially the heads of teams and people with the highest positions.

Best things

As an intern, I learnt a lot about the back-end work in the litigation team, something which you aren’t taught in most of the places. I learnt the procedural aspects and various approaches to each case. I also got many opportunities to observe the arguments by seniors and learn from them.

Interns are encouraged to come up with their own perspectives, think out of the box, and if justified and substantiated, the seniors actually consider the opinions.You also get to learn documentation, research, drafting thereby end to end process of back end work of litigation.

Mistakes made are corrected with a lot of patience, the right approach is given and interns are allowed to redo the tasks, which is very encouraging and helps in learning.The manner in which the corrections are explained is very professional.

Bad things

There are no bad things as such, but I found it quite difficult initially to adhere to the number of protocols. It was very confusing, but people there were very supportive and helped me learn about the protocols as it was my first time. With time though, I became used to it.


Stipend is given at the end of the internship along with experience certificate.

Biggest lessons

I learnt the importance of being specific, of communication at every stage, of protocols and its importance, being prepared etc.

Any other

Greater the willingness to learn and contribute, better is your learning experience.  Suggest one interns for two months or at least 6 weeks. For me it was a great learning experience on the whole, not only on the professional front but also on a personal level.

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