Internship @ Sundharam Clayton Ltd., Chennai: Learn About Factory and Labour Laws

Name of the organisation: Sundharam Clayton Limited, Chennai

Duration: May – June 2013

Student: Andrew Daniel, II B.A,B.L(Hons.), Saveetha School of Law, Chennai


As I have always had a passion towards human resources and legal departments of companies, I’ve have always wanted to intern with a company that enriches my knowledge in the field I enjoy the most.

This particular internship was an unforgettable one as the work and experience I gained here was something great and it taught me the practical aspects of how a factory functions.

How to apply:

To approach the company, the intern should have a reference letter from any of the employees from TVS group of companies. The intern registration procedure was elaborate and it took a processing time of two days.

The first day was to verify and accept the proposal for internship and the second day was to give an introduction and list the rules and regulations for the interns/ trainees and also the code of conduct and safety measures.

Internship experience:

The first day of the internship was interesting as they had an induction program and after that I was assigned to the recruitment department where I spent my one full month as an intern trainee.

Along with me there were two other trainees, who were MBA graduates who came from the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Following the leisure first day, our second day was rather packed. The main area of focus was the practical implication of Factory Laws.

Our initial task was to examine the interview process of graduates for the posts of technician trainee and apprentice trainee. Per day we examined around 300 people and appointed 50 per day.

Initially it was a tedious work about after a week we loved our job. The most important aspect of this was, we got an idea how the interview process works and how to brace ourselves in the near future.

Further, we were asked to research on The Industrial Dispute Act, Factories act, Workmen’s Compensation act, Payment of wages Act which helped us a lot during the internship.

Though we’ve not had ‘Labour and Industrial Laws’ as a paper in college yet, the first reading of the enactments has increased my curiosity to study the subject in depth. During the appointment procedures of the workers we came to know about the PF and ESI benefits of the workers.

Once the workers were employed we allotted their respective uniforms and then a senior engineer gave a seminar about factory safety to the newly employed workers. The seminar explored the rights of workers, the health and insurance benefits, responsibilities and obligations of the employees with a general overview of all the legal aspects.

Thereafter, we were allotted with data entry work with respect to the ESI registration and also the employees processing number in the company rolls which took us nearly 5 days to complete.

The last few days we just spent some time in learning about the regular work of HR and employees benefits schemes. We came to know that the company had many great schemes that benefited the workers.

As an intern trainee, I personally, loved the food that was served to us. What’s notable is that the food served to us was the same right from the General Manager of the company till the last worker of the company.

To give an overall opinion about this place, I personally feel that it will be a great place to do an internship as far as the candidate is able to get placed as an intern trainee since it is a prolonged process.

Working hours

9 – 6 pm


No stipend



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