Internship Experience @ State Public Services Tribunal, Lucknow: Learn how things work in actual court

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State Public Services Tribunal, Lucknow

Application Process with contact details

Send a mail to the registrar of state public services tribunal, Lucknow or contact them through their official website.

Duration of internship and timings

July 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First impression was quite good. It was basically a court so we get to see all the proceedings and how they work.

Everyone was really sweet and nice. Very genuine and down to earth lawyers and judges.

Main tasks

Main task was to observe the proceedings and learn how things work in actual court.

Work environment and people

Everyone was really sweet. Al the employees, judges and lawyers were interactive and caring. Talking to them was enlightening.

Best things

Best thing was undoubtedly the people. They were very nice and genuine.

Bad things

Since our task was just observing after a while it got boring and monotonous.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

You see actual working and problems faced by the government servants. Moreover you also observe the problems faced by courts.

Any Other Thing


Overall Rating



Stayed at home.

Office Timings

10 am to 4 pm


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