Internship Experience @ State Legal Service Authority (SLSA), Chandigarh: Attend Mediation Proceedings, Visits to Jail

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State Legal Service Authority (SLSA), Chandigarh, 20-30 students

Application Process with contact details

My internship was fixed up by the internship cell of my department (UILS), I had mailed them my CV.

Besides this,

1. Get SLSA’s e-mail id

2., Mail them the respective CV along with HOD’s permission letter

Email: [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

2nd July-2nd August (2014)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first session was our Orientation session where we were briefed about what legal aid is and what state legal state authority actually deals with.,

We were informed about the schedule that we were going to follow during the Course of the internship.

The Judge and The law Officer of SLSA, Chandigarh interacted with us and it was a great experience all together.

The infrastructure is very simple.

There is a room, for the judge and a room where the matters were settled which we were allowed to witness.

In whole, a great environment.,

Main tasks

1. We were made to go to Lok Adalat, Mediation center and various surveys.

2. We had to collect information and spread awareness about free legal aid during the survey

3. We witnessed mediation taking place

4., Visit to Burail Jail

5. Delivered lectures in various schools on topics like ‘FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND DUTIES’, ‘ EVE TEASING’,etc.

6. Prepare a report of the internship tasks and experience

Work environment and people

The work environment is brilliant. The Law officer, Rajeshwar Sir is really supportive and sweet.,

Working experience was great.

Best things

The internship in whole was an amazing experience. Coming to the best of thing :

1. Visit to the Old Age Home and Orphanage

2. Attending Mediation sessions

3. Delivering lectures in various schools

4. Going for surveys

5. Visit to Burail Jail

Bad things

No bad things.


No Stipend

Biggest Lessons

1, Knowledge about legal aid

2. Knowledge on topics, we delivered lectures on

3. The field work surveys gave more knowledge in regard to the practical implementation of law.

Any Other Thing

One must intern at SLSA.

Overall Rating



Resident of a hostel in Panjab University.

Office Timings

The timings were quite flexible, we were made to stay till the necessary time.

Usually, from 9:30 or 10 am to 3-4 p,m.

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