Internship @ State Law Office (SLO) Government Advocate Mr. Govind Saxena, Allahabad: Great for litigation aspirants, Rated 8/10

Name, College, Year of Study:

Devesh Saxena, Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad, 5th Semester.

Place of Internship, Under:

State Law Office (SLO), High Court of Judicature at Allahabad,

Under the abled guidence of Shri Govind Saxena, Additional Government Advocate-1, High Court of Judicature at Allahabad.

Duration of the internship:

20 Days. Batches usually start from 25 May and the recruitment continues until 10 June for Summer Internship.

How big was the office? Team strength?

The building is newly constructed and chamber was at 5th Floor and was pretty decently sized.

Also the chambers were fully air conditioned and WiFi enabled. There are three lifts in the building, but at times they do not function or at other times they are fully occupied that you often find a space for yourself and you have to use the stairs.

There is a small recreation area-cum-canteen at the top floor of the building (9th floor) where we used to hang out during lunch hours. There were a team of 25 interns at a time. Also the top floor gives a beautiful view of the Kumbh City- Allahabad.

Application procedure. Internship contact details:

The application procedure is very simple. One  just need to carry an approval letter from college Head/Dean/Coordinator  plus a copy of his/her college identity card and 2 pass-port sized photographs and approach the reception office of the building in the ground floor itself, during 10a.m.-12a.m (not “strictly” but, advised) and they will confirm the internship once they get satisfied with the documents.

They will tell the date from when one can join the chambers. Dress Code is a must here and no casuals are allowed. You have to be the part of court proceedings, so you must dress yourself accordingly.

There is NO other application procedure online.

No. of days/week. Timings:

The internship is of 20 days (officially) and there 5 working days in a week. The timings are same as court hours, i.e., 10 am- 5 pm, but one is not strictly expected to attend the court proceedings till 5.

Attendance is recorded daily but this is one of the most liberal parts of the internship.

Govind sir wants that only interested ones should join the internship and those who join only to get a certificate, Sir himself neglect them and takes them with least seriousness.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I was one of the residents of Allahabad there, so it was never an issue for me. But one can ask Govind sir, he will definitely help regarding this. Also there are various hotels nearby. PGs are not very near but one can find them in Katra area within the range of 10 kms. Conveyances are easily available.

First impression. First day, formalities etc:

My first impression was not an ideal one, as I had arrived a bit too early and moreover there was no electricity in the office, so I had to bear my formals in scorching summer of June.

On the first day, there were absolutely no formalities except a casual introduction. Sir will probably ask about you and your past college and will check your basic knowledge of law.

The internship is all about attending court sessions at High Court, Allahabad, so he will ask about whether you are interested for attending civil or criminal court. Be prepared for some common basic question as this will help you make a good impression in front of him.

Main tasks:

The main purpose of the 20 days internship is to attend the court proceedings at the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad in order to make you aware of the various practical aspect of the Court. It will definitely help you in the application of various procedural laws in the real circumstances.

You get an opportunity to witness the live court proceedings from a place just below the judge. It’s a very good opportunity as you get to sharpen your practical knowledge of the field.

Moreover, you get to witness some beautiful argumentation by some eminent lawyers of the High Court who present themselves so precisely before the court. This will also help you for your moot preparations as well.

After the end of 20 days span you can prepare and submit a copy of a report about your experience in the various courts and what you have learnt there. But the submission of the report is a non-compulsory part of the internship.

In the meantime, if you get bored with attending those court proceedings, you can come back to chamber and Sir will give you probably the best notes and study material about various topics in law.

These topics can be suggested by you as well. Sir gives some beautiful notes which are very useful and easy to understand and help in clearing the basic concepts.

Work environment, people:

Since one has to be the part of court rooms where everyone comes for its own purpose, you will find a very few who will notice you or will come across you.

Everything will be so much formal and self-oriented. But, you can definitely have company of your co-interns around you which at most times will be very supportive during your internship. You can make some very good friends and some beautiful relations if come across right persons.

Best things?

I would suggest this internship for those who are either willing to join the field of litigation or want to opt for the civil examinations such as PCS(J), or IAS, because you get very useful knowledge of the application of procedural laws. Also, the notes that Sir gives can be very useful for the preparation of civil examinations.

And the best part is you get a very golden opportunity of witnessing trials of some very interesting and popular cases. All the court rooms are open for you and you can attend any court which you feel like, even you can attend the court room of Hon’ble Chief Justice of the High Court.

What’s more? If you are lucky and also if the Hon’ble judge is caring about the law students, you get a very good opportunity to interact with him personally during lunch hours or after the court hours.

Also, you don’t need to run around every time for collecting your certificate once you have completed your internship. Either you will be informed about when your certificates are ready or if you are not from Allahabad, you will get the certificates via post at your mentioned address.

Bad things? 

The most irritating thing which I probably found or experienced was the electricity problem in the office building.

There were sometimes too many faults in the electricity supply and you have to sit there bearing the scorching heat in complete formals.

Also in certain courtrooms you will find that the proceedings are not audible properly due to faulty speakers or microphones (something which one can’t help with), due to which you probably get no idea of what’s happening around!

Hence I would suggest that one should choose the court rooms wisely. The most ideal and comfortable court is of the Hon’ble Chief Justice.

Also the crowd in the court premises will sometimes make you feel nervous and frustrating.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Both the High Court and State Law Office is situated in main posh area of Allahabad i.e. the Civil Lines where all the good malls, restaurants, bars, and everything else is located at a mere kilometer distance.

Also, sometimes you get an opportunity of travelling with Sir to various chambers of other lawyers and advocates.


No stipend is awarded. But, you will surely get a certificate.

I would rate the experience: 8/10.

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