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Internship Experience @ State Judicial Academy, Kochi: Research Work and Present Seminars

By: User Submitted | December 1, 2016
Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Anjaly Anilkumar, Government Law College, Thiruvananthapuram

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

State Judicial Academy, Kochi

Application Process with contact details

From the official website of Kerala State Judicial Academy (KJA): Click HERE.http://kja.gov.in
Students are required to fill.up the form , with the official seal of institution
And then , it is to be submitted to the Director of KJA inperson

Duration of internship and timings

May 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

After downloading the form I filled up form i emailed my Resume , then i got a call from the office of KJA asking me to.come in person with the form and college ID and to meet the Director by morning 10.00 am sharp.

After meeting the Director and other Additional Directors, they explained about the timings, the work to do as well about the decorum to maintain inside the lecture hall.

Raj Mohan Palace which turned out as the First Kerala High court and later on it turned out as the KJA.

The vast library of KJA is best part, which provides abundant resource for any law student.

Interns are given seats on the back of lecture hall, the class for magistrate trainees begins by morning 10.00 am and interns are required to reach before 10.00 am sharp.

The morning session concludes by a tea-break 11.00 – 11.30 am.

And the noon session has lunch break in between, interns can bunk the afternoon sessions only if they needs to refer from library.

The first day is ever memorable , as it is my first internship as a law student, I was very much excited about choosing KJA, after clearing the official formalities I was guided to the Additional Director Rajeev, to collect my work, as a first year law student sir was in a dilemma to assign a work for me, still he figured out a topic for me.

As a beginner in law sir made us choose from the topics of IPC: “Common intention “Common Object” and “Section 34”.

He asked me to go in detail about the given topic and prepare for the one day seminar in front of the panel of directors and magistrate trainees over there .

After collecting my topic along with a office staff I was guided to the lecture hall, there I got to meet my fellow interns from them I learnt about the rules to be followed.

First day was really amazing.

Afternoon library sessions with my co-interns fueled up my knowledge, I was the only First year student in the group interns! Comparing to other legal institutions the number of interns in KJA are really less in number due to the strict rules of the Academy.

But over all the first day in the Academy was the best.

Main tasks

As a first year student, they gave me one simple topic to research and present.

IPC Section 34 Common Intention and Scope of Common Object in detail.

A week later each and every interns must present the seminar in detail for minimum of 30 minutes which can be extended for an hour or so!

One of my co-intern presented 2 hour in between Directors and magistrate trainees will ask questions, case laws regarding to our topic.

The entire session is just amazing after the presentation each and every intern will be up with cloud 9 in confidence.

Work environment and people

Work environment is rich with resources for each and every interns.

The staff, magistrate trainees and fellow interns are really helpful.

Best things

The best thing about the academy is the peaceful atmosphere.

The vast library.

Bad things

Nothing much. It’s a bit strict.



Biggest Lessons

The best place for a law intern in Kerala .

Overall Rating



As my hometown is just 20 km away from the Academy so there wasn’t a need for Accommodation.

Well , for the students from far away places, Kochi is equipped with umpteen number of pgs and hostels.

Office Timings

Interns and magistrate trainees are expected to be on time 10.00 am which is really strict.

And by evening 5.00 pm the class concludes.

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