Internship Experience @ State Information Commission Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow: Flexible Timings, Learn About RTIs

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Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

State Information Commission Uttar Pradesh, 6th floor, Indira Bhavan, Ashok Marg Lucknow

Application Process

I have to go to the office with my CV and College recommendation letter. They do not have any online process.

Duration of internship and timings

December 2014

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

If we talk about infrastructure, it is a government office so as usual not extraordinary but it was a decent office. One the first day we went to the Co-ordinator he ask us for our CV and college recommendation.

After that he called somebody and ask him to give us work. When we have allotted work, we were very disappointed because it was all clerical work. We had to arrange the files and all. This happen for 4-5 days. After that we requested them to permit us for attending the hearings which were going there regarding RTI’s.

Main tasks

The talking about the main task, it was also not very interesting. We were ask to make case briefs of those cases which were appealed in the Supreme Court and having issue regarding RTI. After allotment of the project we need not to go there. We did all our project from home and in the last we submitted it and got the certificate.

Work environment and people

As far as the employees were concern they were very helpful, when they get to know that we are from NLU they were very respective towards us. Except that the environment was not very good as such because most of the people have only administrative work not involve very much in legal things.

Best things

There were no best thing as such. But being a 1st semester student it was a kind of good experience, because we get to know many things regarding RTI proceedings at appellate stage. Also there was no bar on timing so that was a plus point with us.

Bad things

Not much work. Therefore if you have come only for this internship you will get bored.



Biggest Lessons

If you have to make a project along with others don’t take the responsibility of everything. Please do share the work with others and also do check the status of others work, otherwise at the end you have to do all on your own

Overall Rating



Since My college is in Lucknow so I was there in my hostel.

Office Timings

The timing was very flexible. The office open at 10:00 am but we reach there at 11;00 or 11:30 am, it was just for 4-5 days only.

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