Internship @ State Human Rights Commission SHRC, Tamil Nadu: Learn How the Commission Works

Name. College. Year of Study

A. Anees Khan, 3rd year B.A,B.L (Hons.) in SOEL

Name of the organization. City

State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), Tamilnadu.

See the website HERE.

Duration of internship: 1 week

My experience at SHRC

I went for internship at the State Human Rights Commission of Tamilnadu for just a week, but that itself gave me a loads about the nature of Human Rights Commission and I understood its style of working and was impressed by its powers of even making an governmental authority answerable if that body or a person is not doing its work properly or is being negligent towards public even if it has affected a single person,

For instance, if an inspector in an police department is not taking any proper action against an Complaint of a person then he will be answerable to the National or State Human rights commission.

I was very much impressed by this power of Human Rights Commission.

But still I feel the Human Rights Commission needs more power as it is given only the opinial jurisdiction and decisions taken by the HRC are not considered as judgments of a judicial body. HRC can pass only recommendations and not enforcing judgments or orders.

For instance it can recommend the police department to suspend a inspector but cannot order that by itself. And I gained lot of contacts of higher governmental authorities and judicial bodies as HRC panel Comprises of Retired high court judges and magistrates.

For instance, the chairman of the SHRC should be a Rtd. High court judge and I got opportunities to see trial proceedings where cases coming to SHRC were enquired and the staffs working there were really friendly and taught us many new things and I also loads of fun working with them.

I had a impression that Government office used to be boring and dreary and slow but my mindset changed after my experience at SHRC where the people were working with perfection and joy and their friendly attitude too was great!

My work there

I got the works of making entry of judgments passed in a record book and I had arrange some files date and case wise and assist the staffs there in finding out some case details.

Things which I learnt there

Through the experience from SHRC I learnt about the powers and workings of SHRC and the duties of governmental authorities and I learnt to be be professional with my ‘work timings’ etc.

As a law student, the court proceedings in SHRC taught me how to conduct trials and made me understand the rights of every individuals to move to HRC if they are affected by the working of any governmental staff or body.

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