OPENING: Internship Position at Society for Women Dignity and Security SWDS, Jaipur [July]

We are an organisation that works for women empowerment and women rights. The organization conducts workshops with the students and teachers in Government as well as Private institutions, which we believe are a grand success to nudge their brains and compel them to give a thought for some serious issues.

Through these workshops we try to target the next generation, the potential young brains who have just entered in a whole new phase of their life. We generally observe that the youngsters are stuffed with problems, tend to be aggressive and they get easily attracted towards the social evils, and are not able to fulfill their responsibilities towards the society. So they are criticized for the mistakes they involuntarily indulge into.

But the fact is, the youngsters are actually the victim themselves. At this stage, every youngster starts to explore his life. In this exploration, many times they come across questions which are very essential to be answered by someone.

All of us, irrespective we accept it or not, do know and understand the fact that Kalpana Chawala’s visit to space, Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil becoming the first Woman President of India, or Mrs. Vasundhra Raje becoming the Chief Minister of Rajasthan did not help to change the STEREOTYPE MENTALITY of the Indian Society.

The Indian potential youth has never been directed and guided on the inevitable issues and curiosities faced by them in their changing world.

In the interactive workshops we conduct, we discuss about the need of Women, her Self-respect, Security, Dignity, Right to Choose, Right to Equality and the Stereotype Mentality of the society.

We discuss with the students about the social evils like Child Marriage, Honor Killing, Female foeticide, Female Infanticide, Khap Panchayats, Widow Remarriage, Male Dominating Society, Discriminations and try to aware them about the consequences of the offenses against women like Acid Attacks, Domestic Violence, Dowry Death, Forced Abortion and Pregnancy, Forced Prostitution, Trafficking, Rape, Child Rape, Date Rape, Marital Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Molestation, and Incest via Presentations and Audio-Video Sessions.

We make an environment for the students in which they feel comfortable to clarify any type of curiosities which might be suppressed due to conservative mentality of the society. Besides this, with the help of the students and teachers of the institution, we organize different activities like short Plays, debates, discussions, etc. to help the students, and teachers to stay connected to the workshop.

We believe that if we hit their conscious mind and nudge them to think on these issues we can contribute our bit in the development of the future of our country.

INTERNSHIP registrations for JULY session are open, people interested in being a MEMBER or want to VOLUNTEER, fill this form. Send us your CV on [email protected]. We’ll revert to you.

Address : Bhardwaj Rehab and Research Centre, B-11, Ganesh Nagar, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

Contact no. : 075 79 245717

E-Mail : [email protected]

Facebook :

Website :

NOTE: Information published unedited and on an ‘as is’ basis. 


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