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Internship Experience @ Singh and Associates, New Delhi: Play cricket after office hours, Stipend of Rs. 3500

By: User Submitted | July 12, 2016
Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Abhimanyu J Rajpurohit

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Singh and Associates, New Delhi

Application Process

The application procedure is just like all the other tier 2 or 3 firms, mail them a couple of months in advance and call them for a follow up.

Mail id: [email protected] or [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

2nd January, 2012 – 28th January, 2012

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The firm is strangely situated in a residential area, hence I had a little difficulty to find the place. Once I was in, I was impressed with the infrastructure. After completing the necessary formalities, I opted for the Litigation Department and the HR introduced me to the associates and took me to my work station.

Main tasks

1. Make case notes

2. Research pertaining to laws, cases, etc.

3. Trademark Logo Search

Basically, you have to sit behind the computer for good 6-7 hours and just keep researching.

Even Cricinfo and Cricbuzz were blocked, so forget doing anything apart from preparing case notes.

Work environment and people

It’s a workplace all employees and interns dream of. The associates don’t let you feel that your’e an intern for maximum part of the day 😛 and are as helpful as an associate can be. The best thing about this firm is that even the partners are easily accessible.

The founding partner and almost all the associates are passionate cricketers and during my 4 week stay, at least on 20 occasions a ground was booked and we used to play cricket after the office hours under lights. As I was the only intern who played cricket, I used to tag along which turned out to be a great experience.

Best things

1. Opportunity for interns to contribute to the Singh and Associate, Monthly Law Journal.

2. The office environment was such that even on Sunday’s I wished the office was open.

3. Even 2nd year students can apply.

Bad things



Rs. 3500

Biggest Lessons

Firstly, my ability to research improved drastically and secondly, my writing skills were also put to test, as only after the approval of the founding partner, an article by an intern gets published. I was the only intern to publish a solo article. 🙂

Any Other Thing

This internship will surely be a memorable experience, so I would give it a +1.

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