Internship Experience @ Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, New Delhi: Research Work, Lots of Interaction

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, Okhla, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

You need to apply about 6 -8 months in advance.

Duration of internship and timings

2 weeks- 11th to 22nd July

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It’s quite a nice building and has three floors full of cabins and cubicles divided into various departments, although the associates of one team don’t necessarily sit in one area, they’ll probably be distributed on the same floor though. So as an intern you have to keep going from one cubicle to another to fetch work.

I started working the very first day after a half a day spent on allocation of teams and meeting a few members of your team.

There are two intern bays- and watch out because they get really crowded in the summer vacation months at least and you would probably have to keep shifting from one PC to another. But if you really want to work you can also stick to one PC because some interns don’t get work at all times (which is team dependent, self interest dependent etc.).

You essentially join when there is already a batch of interns who have been there since a week or two (and some of them claim their territories when it comes to the PC’s)

But by being calm and cooperative and a bit tactful you could easily have a good understanding with the rest of the interns.

Main tasks

The main task that I got under the arbitration and dispute resolution team was case law research and a bit of note-making.

People get research work mostly and if they think you’re good they might just ask you to draft something.

Don’t expect to visit the court under litigation team cuz they seldom go themselves.

You may get work from more the one associate and if you think that’s too much on your plate you could tell them that too. No offense is taken and they’re pretty chilled and easily approachable. Atleast my team was.

Work environment and people

The team I we working with had about 12-13 people so I would get work all the time . The associates, as I said earlier, are quite easily approachable and they explain things to you twice or thrice also if you don’t get how to go about a particular research.

Agreed there is a kind of barrier between associate- intern interaction but that’s only because they’re so busy themselves and sit on an entirely different floor.

But all in all its a good environment with great people who one could make an effort and learn alot from.

Best things

You learn how a big law organisation works. What procedures they follow.

You get a glimpse into how one’s work life would be in the future.

Since they want case specific research- you really get to go to the depth of the proposition being researched. The library is also well stocked to get help from.

You get to interact with a huge number of people in a less amount of time.

Bad things

The internship duration they offer is only two-three weeks which is less to be able to actually learn something and make an impact.

There is a barrier between associate – intern and partner – intern relation. One may go without ever having spoken to some associates or partner of the slotted team.

It is a team specific internship so you are only doing alot of research on one area. Moreover, generally one doesn’t know where that research is being utilised because the associates generally don’t have the time to explain the whole case to you or to review your work. Nevertheless, if you urge them to, they would gladly do it.



Biggest Lessons

Before I did this internship I was told that the environment is very competitive because of the large number of interns. I found that to be not true. It depends on how you adjust.

I was also told that the associates are rude and impatient. But I didn’t face any such thing.

So I guess my take away is that don’t form opinions based on other’s experiences.

Any Other Thing

The coffee sucks. There’s a pantry though where you could buy snacks.

Overall Rating



I’m from New Delhi so travelled by the violet line metro, got off at Govindpuri metro station and took the e-rick to the office which are easily available next to the metro station

Office Timings

We had to arrive by 10 am and there was a sheet of in and out timings to be filled each day at the door.

Leaving totally depends on you- whether the team you’re working with stays till late and if they do- do you wish to.

But most of the people leave by 6 pm sharp, leaving a lot of PCs free if you’d wanna work post that.

It’s relaxed in the sense that you could arrive a few minutes late but then an arrival and leaving mail to your team is needed. So that keeps you in check.


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